Drayton Wiser

Yeah does not need the internet just a local connection to the heat hub

Could i set the Schedule using an input value slider?

the syntax is wrong, i think i should be using value templates?

for example instead of

Name: Test Room
Description: Schedule for Test Room
Type: Heating
  - Time: 07:30
    Temp: 21.5


Name: Test Room
Description: Schedule for Test Room
Type: Heating
  - Time: input_datetime.heating_weekday_on1
    Temp: input_number.temp_weekday_on1


would it be this?

Name: Test Room
Description: Schedule for Test Room
Type: Heating
  - Time: "{{ states('input_datetime.heating_weekday_on1') | int }}"
    Temp: "{{ states('input_number.temp_weekday_on1') | int }}"

hi there, sorry i didnt see this post…

Have you solved this?

Are you still able to use it with the Wiser app after you do the instaltion on Home Assitant with the repository shared above?

Yep no problems what so ever… I’ll be honest I mainly use the app and the HA component is there to suck data into my influx DB…

Ahaha…ok thanks a lot thou :wink:

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I have just started to install mine, initially started off with the hub and a room thermostat when I connected everything to hass, now I have added an additional TRV but its not showing as an entity in hass, only the hub, the thermostat and the room I have initially created - is there anything like polling for newly added components? and if so how can I tune the value while I extend my setup?

Have you checked the unused entities in HaaS? I think you’ll find them there… You shouldnt need to but try restarting HaaS

all sorted they started to show up after some time

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Hi everyone,
Looking at moving onto the next stage now and was wondering if anyone has already done this that could help!

I have myself and my partner set up with our mobiles as device trackers. I want to set the away mode to activate when we are both away from the house and turn back on when we return.

Currently going through the automation process, but just wondering how I call for the away mode?

LOL, I was looking at that today myself. Wiser used to have life360 support and it worked well, they now use IFFT but it doesnt work that well. All you need is one person to go out and voila the system goes into away mode.

The integration does have a switch which allows you to switch between home/away, a simple automation which would be

(psuedo code)
if device=Angelo and location=home or device=wife and location = home, then awaymode=off
if device=Angelo and location!=home and device=wife and location != home, then awaymode=On

I tried it this morning and I can switch between away/home mode from the UI but not from the automation. I need to work but I’ll look at this tonight… might be a bug

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Haha, great minds and all that!
Ah that’s brilliant. Was trying to set it up via the automation, but couldn’t find anything for the away mode in the Action setting. That would be great when you get some time :smiley:

I’m hoping im along the right path with what I was doing to start with. Below is the Triggers, No conditions and then the action to activate away mode.

Hi, I am trying to add some other Sonoff thermostat other than the Wiser ones and I’d like to “switch on” the boiler through the wiser when the Sonoff Thermostat is requiring Heat
I’ve created a switch which is turning the Wiser climate ON and this is actioned by the Sonoff thermostat. It works but it seems not triggering the boiler on.
Any idea/suggestion?

Alas it wont… The boiler will only turn on if one of the TRVs demand heat. Our integration doesnt control that aspect…

The only thing I can think of is that you raise the heat of one of your existing Wiser TRVs so that it triggers “I need heat” from the heathub

Ah, ok, thank you Angelo, that explains it.
Was thinking to trigger the boost service then to demand heat… what you think?

Yes that would work

it works! thank you, you are a superstar!!

Pleasure, glad it works

Can you do me a favour, in the git repo we have a recipies.md, these are like predesigned solutions, can write up some short text+image describing the

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Steps to implement

you can send it to me as a PM, or better still issue me with a PR and I’ll merge it in?

indeed, will do it

Does anyone else have an issue with the Hub loosing settings (specifically the local Wifi setup) if the power is off for a few hours, or do I need to replace the Hub unit?