Drayton Wiser

Any thoughts on Drayton Wiser Heating control integration

I do not have a smart heating thermostat at the moment, and i am liking the Drayton as it offers individual room control at a fraction of the cost of others which support zones

I have just installed one of these myself and it appears to be a decent system.

Drayton have apparently said that they do not plan to make the API open, however I found a thread here where the developers appear to have made excellent progress in terms of adding support.

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@jchasey how are you getting along with the Drayton, integrated to HA?

Unfortunately not got any further with this. The openHAB version seems pretty comprehensive now though which could be used as a basis. There is a suggestion that a future version will be homekit compatible which may mean that component could be used in HA as a means to integrate.

hey all,

Ive just posted a v1 solution/platform for you all to enjoy

Be good to get some testers and feedback!


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Thanks Angelo, looks great - will try it out later.

You may want to consider using the https://github.com/custom-components repository while the component is in development as it makes it super easy to update to the latest version of files of a component in development.

I assume you will also use the new water heater component in due course?

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Just to add have initially setup the component and all fired up first time, no issues picking up all devices (hub, 4 TRVs and a smartplug). Will play some more and come back with any additional feedback but looking good!

Thanks John (@jchasey),

  • Custom Components Repo
    Didnt know the custom components repo and yes will look to publish my code there.
  • Will checkout the water heater component…
  • Im just about the implement an additional parameter limiting the “min” temperature value. Ive discovered that sometimes the hub reports temperatures of -20 even up to -3000! which is silly… The temperature in london very rarely drops below -5 so Im thinking of adding a parameter where you can set a “min”

Have you noticed your hub going into “red” mode? Ive seen it a few times but not sure if its my wifi/wiser cloud setup or a side affect of me polling the hub…

Thanks again… for the comments and the PR

Havn’t noticed the hub going into red mode, but it is out in the utility room so I wouldn’t easily see that. Will keep an eye out for it going forward.

thanks John

I think it might be pure coincidence, if u look at the “Wiser Cloud” Status its also going down a bit…

Second question, I need to do some debugging here, but does it appear to be updating correctly? Im noticing that it regularly says “last updated 7hrs” ago… but the data appears to be being updated… … Im thinking my “update” suppression function is being a bit over zealous…

Oh well, thats what u get when u build your first python module and Home assistant platform!!!

Been getting a bunch of these errors in the log.

Error doing job: Task exception was never retrieved
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/homeassistant/helpers/entity.py", line 240, in async_update_ha_state
    device_attr = self.device_state_attributes
  File "/config/custom_components/sensor/wiser.py", line 123, in device_state_attributes
    attrs['device_reception_LQI'] = deviceData.get("ReceptionOfDevice").get("Lqi")
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

Not sure if it is coincidence, but likely connected, temperature of all the climate components are reporting -20.

The official wiser app seems to be reporting sensible numbers thouh (about 19 degrees)

Ah yes. I fixed this one in the latest commit…

I also think the “syncing” of data isnt quite right… looking at that now
Just checked my production HA logs and I dont have any errors there…

Just released v1.3 which provides support for setting temperatures and setting boost.

Please test away :slight_smile:

Hi Angelo,
I’ve made a PR to support custom_updater so the files can be updated automatically

Cool, thanks Merged the PR already.
Im working on a) Putting the wiserhub code on pypi (done) b) Publishing it as part of Home Assistant itself (InProgress)…

Alas Im in San Fran now for work so cant really work on it till i get back… hopefully in the next two weeks.

All, Im trying to get the code into the main HA distribution but hitting a brick wall… anyone got HA Dev experience checkout my other thread - any help grateful

hey all, FYI discovered the error, it was not that I didnt have a manfest.json is that my manifest.json did not include a dependancies section

Logged issue on this https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/24270

Shame I burnt 2 evenings trying to figure this out… :frowning:



Im prepping the package for inclusion into Home Assistant. To this end Ive got he main wiserHub package now on PyPi and reformatting code etc so that it conforms to HA standards. Can someone please give it a whirl and see if its all ok?

its on dev branch “UseNewPyPi” so to get to it use

git clone [email protected]:asantaga/wiserHomeAssistantPlatform.git
git checkout 

The Wiser Heat Hub, TRV and switch integration is available on HACS.
Works really, really well!

See repository: https://github.com/asantaga/wiserHomeAssistantPlatform

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Does this use local control?

Need to replaced our Salus thermostat, it keeps setting itself to 24°C and won’t let us turn it down!

My house is trying to cook me

Wiser is local control. Internet not needed