Dreo Fan Integration?

I’ve had this fan for about a year and was hoping someone had figured out how to integrate with HA, but it doesn’t seem to exist. This is my only smart device that I can’t tie into HA in some way and it is maddening.

Not yet unfortunately. The only people I’ve ever seen get it to work with anything is by using the Google Assistant SDK. Beyond that, there are no easy integrations. I’m patiently waiting as well. Would have been easy if Dreo just use the Tuya ecosystem for its app. Or at least something similar. Or gone with Zigbee or Z-Wave so that we can all each travel our own paths on how we want to integrate it.

I have used another workaround to integrate Dreo fan and in my opinion is a better solution than Google Assistant SDK because I can controll fan speed and oscillation. I don’t know if it is possible with Google Assistant SDK but I couldn’t figure it out.

  1. Create Homebridge docker container (see this).
  2. Install zyonse’s Homebridge-dreo plugin in Homebridge
  3. Add Homebridge integration to HA

The code on GitHub for the plugin is pretty straight-forward, I would expect someone could make a HA integration from it. I may give it a shot if I have time.


Let me know if you need testing or anything

Ok, have an initial version running on my test instance. Not in HACS or anything yet, and probably still pretty messed up, but working.

If you can tell mw which model fan you have, and the list of supported preset modes from the app and how many speeds it is, I’ll go and add it.

You’re looking for something like: DR-HTF008S

Code: GitHub - JeffSteinbok/hass-dreo


Ooooh! Good timing … was just looking at buying the DR-HTF004.
Out of interest what do you think of the fan in general? Good build? Quiet? Does the job?

So far, very quiet and looks good.
If you get it, send me the info above and I’ll try to add it and see.

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6 Speed and Oscillate.
Normal, Natural ,Sleep, and Auto
Also shows the temp in the room, not sure if possible to get it to report that.
You got on that fast. Thanks!

Try the version in GitHub - I added the fan, but haven’t tested.
Also, Speed, you mean 0-5?

0-6 speeds

Ok - Try the 0-5 thing I did. If it works, I’ll update.

I’ve added the integration to custom_components, restarted, updated config, restarted, but I don’t see my fan in my entities. If I try to add through UI on devices it tells me it must be done through config. Logs show that it found one fan though.

2023-06-22 15:35:39.692 INFO (MainThread) [dreo] 1 Dreo fans found
2023-06-22 15:35:39.695 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of domain dreo took 1.7 seconds
2023-06-22 15:35:39.697 INFO (DreoWebSocketStream) [pydreo] Starting WebSocket for incoming changes.

Edit: Found it.

You are a genius. Almost flawless, just needs the 6 speeds.

Added the speed.
Copy the files, restart ha.

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Works beautifully. Any way to get it to relay the temperature to HA?

It does as a state attribute; you can make a template sensor to convert it to an HA sensor. Mine looks like this. I haven’t figured out how to easily expose the sensor natively.

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Main Bedroom Fan Temperature"
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('fan.main_bedroom_fan', 'temperature') }}"
        unit_of_measurement: '°F'
        icon_template: "{{'mdi:thermometer'}}"
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Hi I tired adding the code in configuration file getting this error. Any advise what i am doing incorrectly?
Running HA via UTM on mac, thanks

Did you replace email and password? Also did you make sure to restart between install and messing with config?

@Pronown - I’ve added HACS support, so you can install via Custom Repository now, and you should get notification for updates.


You rock. Thank you