Dreo Fan Integration?

Same concern here, this still requires the cloud, it would be great if it could be a completely “offline” (cloud independent) integration, so we’re not dependent on what will eventually be unmaintained by Dreo, increased risks of user/data leaks, etc.

Obviously it’s understandable that it was easier to do the API calls to Dreo’s cloud than to break the cert pinning of the app to RE the local calls, so I’m still glad I found this integration and appreciative of the hard work that when into it :clap: .

I’m sorry I just saw this. Yes, we use the cloud API that we traced from the app. I don’t know what protocol the fan actually uses to talk to its servers. If anyone knows that, we could consider making it local.

Thanks for the response, really appreciate the hard work that was done so far!

Looking at the traffic between the (AWS EC2) cloud and the fan, it clearly is MQTT based, but all is encapsulated in TLS1.2 rendering RE a bit more complicated (need an mitmproxy setup, and hope that certs can be bypassed…).