DS-KD8003 - DS-KV8113 - DS-KV8213 - DS-KV6113 - DS-KV8413 and .... integration Hikvision HikConnect Video intercom doorbell

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Hi, don’t share public info here , best to remove your WhatsApp nr, contact me in PM

:raised_hand:. Attention!! 8003 owners, don’t update to : Firmware_V2.2.62_230110 , it can brick your devices, firmware will be pulled from Hikvision servers!!

I would like to subscribe such notices, where did you get this from ? Incidently I have this fw installed, no problems up to now.

indeed , not all users are impacted, but there is no subscription i’m afraid :frowning:
Just got a good contact :slight_smile:

there are users that are not able to load the configuration anymore, just a blanc page in ivms, or they gett calling failed, indoor not able to register anymore

Daemonize hikvision_register.py is probably overkill. Since I only need it when OpenHab is up, I will modify OH’s start/stop script to also start/stop hikvision_register.py

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why are you using Openhab instead of HA ? :slight_smile:

Hi all guys, I’ve been using the integration from Fabio with great pleasure. Ringing on my Google Nest is working when somebody press the button on the doorbell and when somebody wants to open door a motion detector stops the ringing of the doorbell.

On this last automation I have a question. Rejecting the call status by the motion sensors also works when nobody is ringing on the doorbell. So everytime the motion sensor picks up a motion I recieve a message on my phone by the HIK connect app that a call is canceld. So what condition do I have to add in the following:

alias: Deurbel uit bij beweging in hal
description: Deurbel uit bij beweging in hal
  - platform: state
      - binary_sensor.tz3000_nss8amz9_ts0202_iaszone
condition: []
  - service: script.hassioaddon_stdin
    data: {}
mode: single

I have the maximum respect for open source tools, the time and effort spent by legions of volunteers is something to applaud. That said, I prefer OH. I use it for 3+ years after briefly testing HA and never regretted.

If I ever buy a device supported by HA but not by OH I will use HA as a front-end to OH. Some people are doing it saying that it is the best of two worlds: HA device support and OH control. But it’s very unlikely that I need to go that route.

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Gonna dive also in Openhab, because the Hikvision indoor panels I have , do not run HA (APK) , they are to slow… But OpenHab runs smooth on it, I expose all entities with the mqtt discovery stream to openhab, that works… Next is the frontend, need to know how it works, it’s compete different :slight_smile:

It’s a learning curve. I rarely use OH’s front-end. Here everything is automated, from heating to garden watering. I’ve defined a model with my house and devices and use the phone when needed. For people that like to use control panels there’s a miriad of widgets. I’ve never explored them.

I’m surprised that OH is faster than HA in Hik door panels. It’s Java vs python, I think.

Yeah, I don’t use the frontend that much either… But I have the indoor panels hanging there, so why not use it and make them attractive :slight_smile:

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Guys using the Aarch64 edition of my Hikvisision SDK, please remove/uninstall
@mion00 helped me refactoring the original addon, so its now multiarch, no need for seperate addons anymore , the RPI edition will be removed later


Hey; you can use this

The callsignal only sends/drops the call, if the callsensor was triggered in last 30 seconds…

- alias: Reject call when door is opened manually
  initial_state: 'on'
    - platform: state
      entity_id: binary_sensor.openclose
      from: 'off'
      to: 'on'
    - condition: template
      value_template: "{{ (as_timestamp(now()) - as_timestamp(states.sensor.hikvision_callstatus.last_changed)) < 30 }}"      
    service: hassio.addon_stdin
      addon: aff2db71_hikvision_sdk
      input: reject 
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Hi, i am using the Hikvision SDK with DS-KV8213 but the callstatus sensor always stays off. The motion sensor works fine, so i don’t think it is bad configuration in home assistant. Any idea?

hmm, maybe possible that your device is not supported by SDK, do you see anything in the addon log? is there no event? the callsensor is btw, only on for 1 sec

Hi. Can you open an issue in the github repo so we can better diagnose the problem and find a solution?

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Guys, this thread is enourmous, 2500 replys, way to much irrelevant and outdated info, so i created a new one, lets go over there (if still interested :slight_smile: )

This one will be locked soon

Part 2 : Add-on: Hikvision Doorbell integration