DuckDNs down again, Alternate to Duckdns

Hi all,

Whats the best alternate option now? It seems they’re down and not seeing allot of comm when they will be back up.


got to ask… DuckDNS made available the LetsEncrypt functionality to secure the connection?



Dynu DNS is a free service that points a DNS to an IP of your choice. This add-on includes support for Let’s Encrypt and….

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ok, installed and configured.
if I do a nslookup I get my current Dynamic IP.
I did accept the terms. and did enter the api token.
it is however complaining about the certificate`te being invalid.

Sorry, I did not personally use it myself. Have you followed every steps of the installation instructions?

I did… but rechecking the ssl components. previously duckdns jsut pointed to the files, and there was no section for ssl in the http section in configuration.yml, I’ve now added it.

question, where is this ssl directory though ?