DuckDNS SSH - 400 bad request ERR_INVALID_REQ


I am trying to get remote access to work. Followed the instruction on

The DuckDNS Plugin seems to work as well as the port forwarding of my router (forwarded extern port 443 to local port 8123). However, if I try to access my domain I got the follow error message showing up:

#400 Bad Request
Webserver Mon, 21 Jan 2019 20:42:13 GMT`

Does anyone has an idea what is going wrong?

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Hi solved the problem.

It was a problem with port forwarding of my fritzbox. After I changed port forwarting to “extern port 8123 to local port 8123”, I can now access Home Assistant by

Hi there, I feel like I am struggling with the exact same problem. How did you change the port from external to internal?

In my German interface under Internet → Freigaben you can edit the specific port forwardings („freigaben“). See the following screenshot: