Dwains Theme - Custom Addons

I have had a large number of requests to share my custom addons for Dwains Theme - Auto generating Lovelace theme for dekstop, tablet and mobile. v1.3.1.

I have finally cleaned everything up and have started to document everything to put up on my repo, I will link to the specific addons here and also link to the main repo were my WIP addons are without documentation, if you decide to have a crack at those buyer beware as I may change them completely by the time I document the guides.

Main Addons Page

First up Mi Flora Addon


@bacco007 your choice for next addon added.

HA Server please :smiley:


@bacco007 you had to pick the most complex one to document :metal:

haha - I think its the one that is most extendable to other areas :wink:

yeah thats pretty much what I have done used that as a base to build the other pages around :slight_smile:

@bacco007 here is the latest still need to add in the electric scooter page but haven’t installed the sensors to it yet.

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nice - Google Fit or Fitbit integration?

Google Fit, the oauth for fitbit is a Pita would love to get a battery sensor for my fitbit it always goes flat on me.

Beats Apple Health - I can’t even get my data!

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Google Fit is available for IOS and it syncs with Apple Health :slight_smile:

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Did you get the top left by default or did you code that one up?

Everything has been given the Jimpower touch :slight_smile:

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well I look forward to seeing your handiwork

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@bacco007 have added the ha server addon you were after no docs but the lovelace yaml is up

HA Server

nice, I’ll have a look over the weekend

you may need longer then that once you go down the rabbit hole there is no coming back :rabbit2:

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Are you able to share the data section of your config from more_pages.yaml?

Done can be found here

Crap this will only lead you further clues and you will want to see the system config now lol should have done it properly.

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Domo Arigato