DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst) integration?


anyone from Germany using data gathered from the DWD page?
Looking for something similar like DarkSky, which is more accurate by data from the German DWD.
unforrtunately i am not a programmer… :frowning:

Thanks in advance!
/ Ralf

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A quick hack is to use scrape sensor and copy the data from the website. I did this for agricultural weather:

- platform: scrape
  resource: "https://www.donnerwetter.de/agrar/region.mv?lid=DE19548&Ort=KOENIGSWINTER"
  name: agrarweather1_rain_vol
  select: 'td'
  index: 32
  value_template: '{{ value.split(" ")[0] | float }}'    
  unit_of_measurement: 'mm'
- platform: scrape
  resource: "https://www.donnerwetter.de/agrar/region.mv?lid=DE19548&Ort=KOENIGSWINTER"
  name: agrarweather1_evo_vol
  select: 'td'
  index: 37
  value_template: '{{ value.split(" ")[0] | float }}'    
  unit_of_measurement: 'mm'

I’m using this script to get weather alerts from dwd.
Maybe I buildin something for temperature, etc. in the next days.

Looks like this:

Thanks for this script. Will have a more detailed look into this.


Hi there,
the “Wetterstation” looks interesting, especially the “Unwetterwarnung”.
I saw your files on Github…but could you please give me some advice what to do with them?
I´m totally new to HA and today I´m sooo happy just to be able to swith an Osram smart+ light on and off using zigbee2mqtt.
So I´m totally new to all that…

Highly appreciating your advice,


both is weather information from the german weather service. So this is only interesting for you if you live in this country.
But there are lots of other weather integrations available, see the “integrations” tab on the HA startpage.
Just start learning, did, the same, too some time ago. Then you’ll extent your home automation. Have fun!

/ Ralf

@Ralf I updated the DWD component. Maybe you’ll have a look at it.
@Spartanus if you are living in germany, send me a PN, I will help you with installing.


currently i’m using the DWD Integration:

Code for this:

  - platform: dwd_weather_warnings
    region_name: REDACTED

Also some automations using pushover with the detailed description.

Works very well, but I’ll have a deeper look into your code as soon as i can. Looks quite interesting.

/ Ralf

I didn’t know this component existed.

Thanks for sharing.

Is there a rain forecast too?

The DWD integration only includes weather alerts, no rain forecast.

This includes things mentioned here: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/dwd_weather_warnings/

With darksky being bought by apple and the api going offline at the end of the year it would be great to have an integration to pull all the weather data fr the dwd.
Its more accurate anyway (for me at least)
I don’t know how to code but maybe someone is up to the task?

I am also no developer but maybe can help otherwise?

I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t possible. :frowning:

DWD is not allowed, to give out weather and weather forecast data. Only warnings or side data like “Pollen” is allowed.

Say thank you to RTL-Media Group (wetterdotde) and Pro7/Sat1 Media (wetterdotcom), as they won another legal battle against DWD. Their argument is, a state owned business is not allowed to give away weather data for free, as this undermines their business model. The last legal battle was about an app, where the DWD was doing exactly that, and they won, so the app had to be taken off market.

It’s a farce, how these idiots from private media groups can take hold of the weather. But it is, like it is, so there will be definitively no app, and therefor no public api or any other way to grap weather data from the DWD legally. And if one does, I would save a lot of money upfornt, because one or both of these media groups will get a hold of you… :wink:

So, nope, for Germany we will still have to live with foreign weather providers, as both media groups refuse to give their data away, beside some very expensive business pricing models… :slight_smile:


this is definitely a disenchanting prospect, but thanks for giving this detailed overview about the situation

edit: has anyone had a look at this recently created project? https://brightsky.dev
perhaps I’ll build myself something around this.

The app WarnWetter is still there. However the free version just supports warnings, like you said.
But if you pay 1,99€ IAP you can unlock all functions like the weather and the preview etc.
This was what the other weather providers won in court. Afaik also Kachelmann weather was involved in the lawsuite.


It’s really the best weather app for germany by far!

However it looks like an API is still available. Check the post by @disrupted and look at https://www.brightsky.dev

that looks REALLY interesting.
Will definitely watch the development here.
Please let me know if you integrate this into HA.

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that’s definitely the plan
unfortunately the API endpoint seems to be offline at the moment, so I couldn’t actually test it yet but I’ll check back on it in a couple of days

Yes, that was one of these lawsuits, Kachelmann was or better is still involved in another lawsuit against the DWD. :slight_smile:

The problem here is, you can buy the “normal weather data” (what we would need here) only as an InApp purchase, so even with paying the 1,99€ you only get the data for your app, but not the API… :frowning: It’s really sad! :slight_smile:

Please, if you do that API, take care about your own legal security measures… Weather seems to be a money machine, so if you do anything, don’t let them get you! :slight_smile: You know what I mean… :wink:

I think the api is being supplied by someone else not them.