E-sim support?

I am noticing there is no support for my e-sim between the sensors of the android mobile app. Or am I wrong?

Not sure about android but IOS shows both my sim E and normal as part of device stats

My esim shows up fine

Here it is what my home companion shows about SIM on my s22 ultra.

I have only the first slot occupied by a SIM. The second one is empty.
Where is my ESIM?

Not sure but I use Google Fi which only has an esim and it works just fine. Might be a carrier specific issue

Maybe phone specific

What model?

there may also be an error in the companion app logs too

Where to find the logs?

Settings > Companion App > show and share logs

There is no entry in the logs regarding the SIM… maybe a phone related issue…

Samsung s22 Ultra

I also have an S22 Ultra. In the SIM slot it shows Belong which is correct. In the eSIM slot where I have a Telstra eSIM in place the app shows “Unavailable”.

Yes, same problem here…

strange I have Google Fi which uses an e-sim and it is showing up as expected


are both SIMs considered active? It looks like we will not get data if the SIM is not active.

Yes, on my side are both active

Do you see any attributes for the entity despite the state being unavailable?

If you don’t see any attributes do you see any errors in the companion app logs related to the SIM?

This is what i get about the SIM cards:

The SIM 2 is an eSIM

ah ok so we are getting data but the displayName is null we could default to carrier_name so its not unavailable in this case please feel free to submit an issue on github referencing this.

Sorry, but i am not so able to open an issue due to my poor english… i hope someone else will do it for me…

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PR to fix this issue :slight_smile: