Earthquake / Seismic / Vibration Sensor DIY

I am living in a weirdly active earthquake zone. There is an earthquake of Richter magnitude 3.0 and greater at least almost every week. Last year we had a 6.9 Richter earthquake which resulted about 100 dead, 1.000 injured and numerous buildings destroyed.

As you can imagine, this leaves a mental scar on almost everyone living in the city. From then on, whenever i feel like trembling, i wonder if it is just my wife rocking the sofa or we do have a real earthquake…

So i decided to make an Earthquake detector which should be fixed on a wall in the house and inform me that it is not that i am dizzy (yeah some earthquakes do that) but there is really a seismic movement. Please note that this is a prototype and i am going to try this very soon…

So, details are on my github repo.


Sorry for the bad quality soldering and flux work; i am old and my eyes and hands are not what it used to be :nerd_face:

The MPU6050 accelerometer is used for detecting ground movements, it is a noisy accelerometer for seismic purposes but i tried it to be as cheap as possible. You don’t really need on openlog with SD card, but since that is a prototype i wanted it to record as much as possible. An RTC might also be an overkill.

So, whenever it detects a shaking greater than some value, it sends the xy and z gravitational force to MQTT sensor. If there is anyone who can contribute, he/she would be more than welcome; i am not that good at electronics nor seismic knowledge :laughing:, hope that all the scientists out there can forgive me…

From Christchurch, even 10 years later, I thank you and sympathise with your PTSD sufferers.

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I am living in a weirdly active earthquake zone.

Me too. It’s so regular that whenever it happens, we just stop what we are doing for a few seconds and when it stops, we continue on what we were doing last.

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