Easiest way to setup new HA Yellow when Restore doesn't work during Onboarding?

I just received a HA Yellow, backed up my VM HA config and tried to restore it on the Yellow during onboarding but that doesn’t work due to a really annoying bug: Add option to start with a new DB from restore (don't restore backed-up DB)

So it looks like I have to proceed with setting up the Yellow from scratch. What’s the easiest way to go about this? The only task that I really want to avoid is configuring all of my 40 insteon devices again.

Thank you!

Hi @jacobb . Let me make sure i understand your concern. If you start with a fresh install, the Insteon integration will rediscover all of your devices but they will show up with the default names. The other option is to restore your current config directory to the new device. The customization is contained in the config directory. You need to restore the entire directory. Some of the required content is in hidden subdirectories (i.e. config/.storage.