Add option to start with a new DB from restore (don't restore backed-up DB)

Please add an option during the restore process to start with a new database and to only restore configuration (and/or any other selections, excluding the backed-up database).

I’ve had issues with doing a restore from a backup in the past. Twice now I’ve been able to resolve the issue by manually restoring only configuration files and excluding the database.

Please reference this thread for more information including details from others who have had the same issue. Restoring snapshot doesn’t do anything

I would like add the wish to just make a native option to exclude the database for partial backups while creating the backup. The databases can grow huge and I just don’t need them.

Yes, please!

Because HA updates itself on install, the restore process just doesn’t work at all.

Yes please. Sitting here with broken homeassistant, after 3 days of trying to get a fresh HA OS install up and running because unable to successfully load and restore from any of my well structured backups.

This bug is extremely annoying. Please fix it ASAP. I have a vanilla VM running HA, just received my HA Yellow yesterday, and when I attempt to restore from backup during onboarding on my brand new Yellow, nothing happens. Please, please fix this. I’m completely stuck and do not want to rebuild my setup from scratch, especially the 47 Insteon devices that I have configured in HA.