Ecobee & GE Aladdin connect no workie with HA?

The Ecobee integration seems to require a dev account which they no longer let you create.

My GE Aladdin garage door openers integration seem to require an API that was redone back on 1/23/24. There also haven’t been any updates on the github for 2 months. I don’t suppose there is any news on this one? It’s one I used a lot with Homeseer…

Ecobee supports HomeKit. You can use the HomeKit Device integration to get access to it. One nice thing about this approach is that it is all local, so no reliance on the Ecobee APIs.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It was super simple. I installed the homekit device integration and while it didn’t detect the ecobee’s initially, I realized that it was because I had paired them to my iphone already. After unpairing them they appeared in HA and I was able to add them easily. Nice!

Now if I could just find a solution for the Alladin Genie garage door openers… :expressionless:

You can actually pull it in via the SmartThings integration.
Although something appears to be happening with the official integration - now when you attempt to configure it opens an external link to validate the account (mine authorizes on the website but doesn’t actually configure on on my HA instance - I don’t have a Nabu Casa account so wonder if that has something to do with it).

Regarding this one, there might be a fix to this one coming in 2024.6

The 2024.6 integration fix was removed with 2024.7. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Shame on me for not checking the release notes more carefully.