Ecobeed integration READ-ONLY


I have integrated ecobee into HA but the issue is that I dont want to have full control from HA just interested in viewing temp across all sensors.

Never mind just found it :slight_smile:

Please post the answer here in this thread, so other HA users of Ecobee (like me!) can benefit. Thank you!

So all I did is instead of adding the thermostat card in the webui which gives you all the features I just added a card to display only the temperatures from each sensor. I also added the card below to display the presence detection of each sensor.

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Thank you! Now, if only I could show one card or the other based on which phone app user is connected . . . (Gotta keep the wife from twiddling the thermostats, you know!)

You can use this:

And this, with a binary sensor for each user that drives the condition statements:

To accomplish per-user / device configurations of your views/cards. It’s not great, but it’s possible.