Ecovacs Deebot 960/950/920 Working library and custom_component

Hi Everyone,
I was so disappointend when i found out that my robot wasnt integrated in Home Assistant so i decided to make a small custom component for ecovacs vacuum

I have tested it with:

But it may work with newer robots!

If your robot its working with integrated home assistant component dont even try it! it will not work.
Ecovacs keep chaning their API every robot and its too difficult to maintain all

Some Screenshots:

Link to github repository:
Link to github library:

its also avaiable in HACS, Search for Deebot

Thanks everyone :smiley:


Funziona ancora?


how to get the clean spot script to work.
keep getting the following error:

Failed to call service vacuum/clean_spot. extra keys not allowed @ data['params']

Salve, ho appena provato ad installarlo, ma non da segno di vita…l’integrazione e’ ancora funzionante ??

Grazie mille !!!

is it possible to change the resolution of the map?

Hi Andrea,

this works for our new vacuum. its the N3 MAX.

Via the Ecovacs app i get a message that the dustbin is full, would it be possible to implement this as well?

Hi guys,

Installed this card via HACS and edited my configuration.yaml. However, when I look for my vacuum/sensors its mentioned as vacuum.d8 a long string of letters/numbers. What am i doing wrong? My robot is a Deebot Ozmo 950



this service call is working for me:

service: vacuum.send_command
  command: spot_area
    rooms: 2
    cleanings: 1
entity_id: vacuum.irmi

Is this still available? I’ve tried to look it up on HACS, but I can’t seem to find it

look for deebot for hassio in hacs

I looked at HACS and there is nothing there under “deebot”… is it a custom integration? It’s weird because if I say add the integration from the GitHub above it says it’s already there… it’s not in HACS or in Integrations

its an intergation in hacs, i use it myself

remove it from yu custom components and then try in hacs (after restarting)
this is the git repository it uses. And3rsL/Deebot-for-hassio: Vacuum component for Ecovacs Deebot Vacuums (

I’s not in there even:

and if I search… it’s not there either:

does it show in your custom components directory

not there in your custom components directory

There is nothing there that I can see"

maybe try adding the github repo ( And3rsL/Deebot-for-hassio: Vacuum component for Ecovacs Deebot Vacuums ( as a custome repo in hacs

It then tells me that it is already added: