Edit configuration.yaml from hassio CLI?

so i seem to have corrupted by hassio install. i am able to use the console to directly read the log, its telling me there is an an issue with the configuration.yaml.

how can i get to the configuration file from the cli to edit it?

If you are using windows you can use WinSCP to copy the files. It’s free and has a nice GUI.

Or if you prefer a terminal based solution use the secure copy command in SSH (scp)


If you are ssh’d into hassio:

nano -w /config/configuration.yaml
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yeah i tried that but i get connection actively refused

not SSHd in, directly on the console of the RPi. not sure how to navigate from the docker host environment to the ‘hassbian’? not sure if that right, environment. i can get into the hass.io CLI - but that doesnt seem to support the command that you are suggesting, its only the lmited hass.io commands.

‘nano’ is not a hassio command. See ‘hassio --help’

if i type ‘login’ to get to the host, it tells me “nano: not found”

im just going to wipe it out and start over, annoying, but wasnt very far.

if im running the hass.io install, and i mess up my configuration.yaml, will SSH still start?

is the SSH addon installed?

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Install the SSH and SAMBA add-on’s when you rebuild.

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yeah i think i got ahead of myself into configuration before i actually made sure SMB and SSH were actually working… noob stubs his toe

In my humble opinion, hassio should include ssh by default. There are too many cases where the UI disappears, even quite soon after installation.


It already is on port 22222 :slight_smile:

Great suggestion. Thank you