Editable snapshot name

I run an automated daily (nightly, actually) snapshot and the snapshots are automatically named “Automated Backup YYYY-MM-DD”. I keep deleting the ones that I don’t want to save for a longer period, but the ones that I keep for a while I would love to rename so that I can easily see which is which. AFAIK, there is no way to rename the snapshots, but I would love it if there was.


Are you trying to change the filename of the tarball (e.g. 0e00453d.tar) or the name displayed in the UI? The screenshot here suggests the latter, which is already possible like this:

- service: hassio.backup_partial
      homeassistant: true
      name: 'my_favorite_name'

On the other hand, I would like to rename the tarball (a.k.a slug), but @tom_l closed my request: Specify filename for backup tarball

There’s also this one which specifically mentions file name:

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i dont think it solves original issue that was reported … and requested.


No it is just a duplicate feature request for the same thing. Now the votes are split over at least two requests making it difficult to gauge the desire for this.