Eeve Toadi/Willow

For those who own a Willow (formerly called Toadi) robot mower, I’ve created an integration in Home Assistant.
I’ve used Node Red to read the sensor data from the robot and push it to MQTT. In Home Assistant a device + entities are created automatically via MQTT Discovery.

Here is my node red flow: Node Red flow to monitor Eeve / Toadi to Home Assistant via MQTT (including auto discovery) · GitHub
And my dashboard looks like this:



I’ve updated the flow with more sensors and the ability to manage the emergency stop in HA. Zones can also be added to the dashboard.


Hello, this looks very good and I took inspiration from what you did to get something similar (less fancy though) in OpenHab…
Thanks a lot for sharing it.
I was wondering how you got the trace displayed this way? Do you generate a GPX file and then load it in openstreet map? How real time were you able to make this?

And also, at which frequency do you collect the json files from Toadi?

Thanks, glad you could use it.
I use this for the map (default HA functionality):

The camera is updated 3x per second and the sensor data (json) is retrieved every 3 seconds.