eGauge Energy Metering System - Am I the only one using it?

There might not be enough critical mass to have a component developed to monitor an eGauge device, but I am testing the waters to see if anyone has one for their solar energy system. I have started playing with trying to develop a component, but frankly my coding skills a pretty rusty.


There are two basic options.

  1. Ask the manufacturer for their API. Emphasise that a working home assistant component will/may boost their sales and raise their reputation.

  2. Reverse engineer. Sniff the network traffic that the system generates. Or simply look at the web page it generates.

Thanks. They have documented their API here:

OK so what info are you thinking the component should provide?

There are some projects that probably cover some of this ground, eg

The basics (Energy Used and Energy Generated) for a time-frame would be great. Exposing the tracked registers would be even better.

The SMA Component has some relevant data that could be mirrored.

daily_yield (Wh)

I can share an account for my system (which is accessible outside my LAN) if that helps.


I am by no means a whizz bang python dev, but I’ll certainly be interested in trying. I am away from now until Monday, but let’s talk next week. Of course if someone else wants to take up the challenge, that’ll probably be better :wink:

Thank you. I’m in the same boat in terms of Python development. I will try to peruse the code from gfiske. I am a self described “cut-and-paste” developer.


@Zoriontsu were you able to make any progress with integrating it. I plan on also doing this. If you started a project i would love to help.

Nope. Never got too far. My coding skills are way too rusty. The code shared by [nickrout] was promising, but I never got around to play with it. Happy to collaborate. Cheers.

I would like to help but i also dont want to invest into it with out have an idea if it will work well. Do you use a different energy monitoring system now or just the webUI.

I only use eGauge to monitor solar production and consumption from the main panel.

oh okay. Well i will shop around some more. If i find this is the best product/solution i will be back

I just wanted to say that I use aeotecs energy monitor and it works real well with grafana. I actually use it for load shifting and you can kind of figure out what I’m doing at

My issue is I want to do more then what Aeotec can provide. Egauge had some higher amperage products that are very attractive to me.

I have egauge. I went ahead and used Node-Red to pull the stats from the eGauge using their API. I then take the data, and put it on an MQTT topic which is mapped to sensors in HA. I poll it every minute. I have been using this setup for a year and it has been stable. I would prefer to have it in HA natively, but it works for me.

Hi all. Just finished putting together an eGauge custom component. Give it a shot. Dedicated thread over here