Eglo connect.z integration

Hello. I have a LED panel by Eglo. It is categorised as conncet.z since it is compatible with zigbee protocol. I integrated it via a tuya zigbee hub, but i’m not satisfied. In fact with the official app, the panel is more responsive, it has more effects and it also support turning on with a specific brightness. I would like to know if anyone knows how to integrate it in home assistant using a sort of official api.
(PS. the app works without zigbee hub through a bluetooth mesh)
(The app is called AwoX HomeControl, which is different from another awox app that supports other lamps without zigbee/BLE)


Were you able to integrate your led pannel using the native zigbee integration (ZHA) on Homeassistant?
I am looking to buy some led panels from Eglo as well but I would like to use them in Homeassistant.
The one I am thinking about buying is the “EGLO Zigbee Flueva”


Yes, I connected it using a Sonoff usb dongle and ZHA

Thank you for your feedback. I also have the Sonoff USB dongle so there is hope.

How did you connect it to tuya hub? Mine is never recognized (maybe it is hw fault?)

How fast does the zigbee connection react for you? For it is, no exageration, about 30 seconds before color temperature change, but brightness changes immediately