EIGHTREE 13A WiFi Smart Plug

Hi, very new to HA and just trying to get all our smart things connected for now!.

I have aload of these -

They work well, do everything I need, and their own app on iphone is nice, but of course I want them in HA! But I cant for the life of me work out how. They seem to work with lots of smart systems, such as Alexa.


I’ve got a few of these set up using the Tuya integration (see here: Tuya - Home Assistant).

Once you’ve got them added and setup with the Tuya integration, you can also set up the energy monitoring (if you have those ones) in HA too. I found this to be helpful in showing how to do this and would probably explain it better than I could!

Hi, so sorry, work got the better of mee! I’ll def try this out today, many thanks.

I’ve since moved my devices from the Tuya to Local Tuya integration. If you’ve got HACS installed, it might be worth looking into: GitHub - rospogrigio/localtuya: local handling for Tuya devices

When setting up devices you can set the ‘Scan Interval’ to 10 and it will update the energy values every 10s. I found with the Tuya integration, they didn’t update very often. It would only update when I had the Smart Life app open and monitoring it through there.

This has the bonus of running locally (without relying on cloud) and helps your energy calculations be more accurate.

It took me some time to understand what I was doing, but after doing one plug, it was easier to understand. Once HACS is installed, navigate to HACS > Integrations > Click “Explore & Download Repositories”, search for “Local Tuya” and continue following the ‘Adding the Integration’ section in the GitHub link above.

I hope this helps other newbies like myself! :slight_smile:


I know this is an old post, but I just both a few of those Eightree smart plugs and I’m trying to get them to work with HA, so far no juice. I’m having trouble getting the Energy Usage (kWh) and the total Energy Usage (sum kWh) into HA.
Did you manage to get it working with localtuya?
Also How do I get it into the Energy dashboard? (if I get it to work at all)

Could you or someone else help me out with a small step-by-step guide?

p.s. I have read all the above and all the suggestions mention but couldn’t get it to work.

How did you get these working in HA? I’ve got some and got them added in the Tuya app and they work but in Home Assistant, they just show as unsupported and I can’t do anything with them as they have no entities or anything?

Edit: Having seen other people using these plugs with HA, last night I decided to have another look at them and this time they seem just fine HA, not sure what was going on originally when they showed up as not supported and they didn’t work. All is good now.