Elco Remocon Heating Integration


I have an Elco heating system which can be controlled remotely via an app. They call that solution Remocon --> https://elco.de/beratung/energie_sparen/remoconapp/ (German).

I was wondering if somebody already created an extension for Home Assistant.

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I do have something based on Python and working fine.
Let me know if your interested.

Hi MoBO,
Please would you post your Python code as I too am interested in trying it out. Thanks.

Any chance you could share your code. Would be great to get it working with HA. Thanks in advance.

I am also very interested in testing your code. Thanks for sharing.

I would also be interested !
Thank you in advance

Same here. Happy to help.

Same, I am also searching a solution. Any idea? Thank you

Anyone has the python script ? Very much interested as well

As it seems this script will not appear anymore I tried other ways and installed the Multiscrape custom component - GitHub - danieldotnl/ha-multiscrape: Home Assistant custom component for scraping multiple values (fro.

I got it working in the way that it scrapes my address and gw serial number as highlighted at the top left of the web user interface after logging in at: LOGIN - Remocon NET.

The code I used in configuration.yaml is:

# Elco Remocon
  - resource: 'https://www.remocon-net.remotethermo.com/BsbPlantDashboard/Index/F0AD4E0B7C60'
    scan_interval: 5
      submit_once: True
      resource: 'https://www.remocon-net.remotethermo.com/Account/Login'
      select: "#login-form"
        Email: !secret elco_username
        Password: !secret elco_password
        extra: field
      - unique_id: elcoaddress
        select: '#contentWrapper > div.container-fluid > table > tr > td:nth-child(1) > h5:nth-child(2)'
        name: elcoaddress
      - unique_id: elcoserial
        select: '#contentWrapper > div.container-fluid > table > tr > td:nth-child(1) > h5:nth-child(3) > span:nth-child(2)'
        name: elcoserial

This works fine for me but I am struggling with getting the temperature values. If there is anybody who could get this working I would appreciate a feedback.

I also have the remocon app/device. did you get it working?

Only as far a described above. Without the required enhancement discussed here there is no chance to get any further information.

Ok, I found a solution which is at least working for me. It uses Multiscrape (GitHub - danieldotnl/ha-multiscrape: Home Assistant custom component for scraping multiple values (from a single HTTP request) with a separate sensor for each value. Support for (login) form-submit functionality.) and a Rest sensor in combination to get some values from the web user interface from Remocon.


Before we get started, these are the limitations I figured out:

  • If you use a low value scan interval (couple of seconds or minutes) the Remocon server blocks your account for about a day as they may think it is some kind of attack. You will also be blocked for the app and website. Therefore I set it to 1h. The downside here is that you only have updates every 1h
  • As I use the 1h scan interval there is an issue when you reboot HA. It seems at the time of starting up it can’t connect successfully and therefore it takes 1h+ until you see your results after a HA reboot.

First thing you should do is login with your account details on the Remocon website via a browser. You should then see a URL like this: LOGIN - Remocon NET. Please write down the ID at the end of the URL and replace it with YOURSPECIFCID in the code snippets below (2 occurrences).

### - - - ELCO HEATING - - - ###
  - resource: https://www.remocon-net.remotethermo.com/BsbPlantDashboard/GetPlantData/YOURSPECIFCID?zoneNum=1&isFirstRoundTrip=true&rnd=1629792069874&_=1629792068973
    scan_interval: 3600
      submit_once: True
      resource: 'https://www.remocon-net.remotethermo.com/Account/Login'
      select: "#login-form"
        Email: !secret elco_username
        Password: !secret elco_password
        extra: field
      - name: ElcoLogin

  - authentication: basic
    scan_interval: 3600
    resource: https://www.remocon-net.remotethermo.com/BsbPlantDashboard/GetPlantData/YOURSPECIFCID?zoneNum=1&isFirstRoundTrip=true&rnd=1629792069874&_=1629792068973
    username: !secret elco_username
    password: !secret elco_password
      - name: ElcoOutsideTemperature
        value_template: "{{ value_json.outsideTemp }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "°C" 
      - name: ElcoHeatPumpOn
        value_template: "{{ value_json.heatPumpOn }}"
      - name: ElcodhwStorageTemp
        value_template: "{{ value_json.dhwStorageTemp }}"  
        unit_of_measurement: "°C" 
      - name: ElcoHotWaterTemp
        value_template: "{{ value_json.dhwComfortTemp.value }}"  
        unit_of_measurement: "°C" 
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Hi all

I have written a Python script that gets the data from the Elco Remocon and writes in into a DB and publish the data also to MQTT.

I anybody is interested, here the link to the Github Repo: GitHub - moikorg/elco-remocon-net-logger

Thank you for this work!

Disclamer I am a newbie.

I have one question, how do I know which json keys are available? Besides the outside temperature, heathpump status, storage temperaure and comfort temperature, how can I see which other elements are in the struct?

I just did a reverse engineering… captured all traffic on my web browser. Sorry no better idea yet

My Elco heat pump using remocon, I found its actualy a Ariston product, and work with there site also(same user name and password) so I tested this intergration, GitHub - chomupashchuk/ariston-remotethermo-home-assistant-v2: Ariston NET remotethermo integration for Home Assistant based on API
Works prefect with my elco heatpump


hello @Thomas_Gregg does your integration with multiscrape still work? I also configured it like yours, but it no longer works after a remocon-net update during the summer.

No, they changed the interface and it doesn’t work anymore. Also couldn’t find a new solution for it :frowning:

at the end I wrapped in a small python script
I just forward the entire content of data response to a MQTT topic.
it’s work well.

you can also chains the request with a Node-RED if you don’t want cron the script.

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