Electrolux / AEG connected appliances integration anyone?

I’m redoing my kitchen and AEG / Electrolux has a line of connected appliances that seems quite interesting. Washing machines / Dryers and ovens (some even with a camera inside!).
The oven at least has Google Assistant integration. Not alexa tho.

However I couldn’t find any records of anyone integrating them in Home Assistant or IFTTT.

Has anyone tried?


Hi all

Sorry to dig up this topic but I’m interested in this too.

Can someone help us on this??

I can give some machines to test, a washer and a dryer.

Thank you all

also interested. Does anyone have more information?
Is AEG/Electrolux using the HomeConnect as Siemens or AllJoyn from Open Connectivity Foundation?

Don’t take my word for it, but I believe they aren’t. That’s why I’m probably going all BSH-group on the new home (bosch, siemens, balay, neff… All sub-brands of that group use HomeConnect).

Electrolux is using Alljoyn. You can actually read the values with the IoT Explorer for Alljoyn in Win10 (search Microsoft Store). I’m seaching for some way to get this into HA and would apreciate if anyone have suggestions.





I wish I could help…

Now the only thing I could do is to submit a request for a new feature:


Bumping :slight_smile:
I just got a nice air conditioner which I didn’t know initially could connect to Google Home - The PX71-265WT.
I would love to see an official integration in Home Assistant ! :hugs:

So no luck here? Deciding to get a bosch or an electrolux dryer. Looks like the second one is a hands down winner

I bought Bosch/Balay appliances (washing machine, dishwasher and oven) with HomeConnect and they have been detected by home assistant correctly after following the steps in the integration. I can see the status of their sensors like remaining time, door open and all sort of stuff. I haven’t tried to remotely start a program tho, I just integrated them past weekend. It would be pretty cool if I could ask alexa to set the oven to 180°C by voice. Not very useful, but cool.

Any people working on this integration yet? Unable to do it myself, but would love this feature.

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Yeah I’m very keen for it too! I would imagine it wouldn’t take too long for some person (a lot smarter than myself) to nut out the integration; given the protocol Electrolux and AEG use is open source (Alljoyn).

Virtual beer for anyone who does!

Plus one for a beer to anyone who can have this integration done. Having an electrolux dryer and basic skills in sniffing etc. Can provide debug data etc

Same here. I have an Eletrolux fridge. I’ve been looking at the AllJoyn protocol. It looks like it’s a pretty old IoT standard that didn’t really take off… I downloaded IoT Explorer for Alljoyn and can actually see the device in the network, along with someinformation that (I guess) can be used to interact with it, but that’s as fas as I got unfortunately…


Hi, I want to follow this thread. I’m since a few weeks the proud owner of an AEG washing machine en AEG dryer (is that the correct name?). Since AEG is Electrolux under the hood and it also uses this silly AllJoyn I want to get all info possible.

AllJoin didn’t show any result for me. Allthrough, after some sleepless night I’ve finally reversed aeg kitchen app fof android. Long story short, currently it use ibm iot cloud. It is possible to register a listening device from emulator and take connection credentials as well as certificate from there. Finally I was able to connect using mqttspy, connection didnt get stale for a week for now.