Elero USB Transmitter to control Elero and Weinor products

No, Z-wave won’t work.

Hi @peedign,

Does your post suppose that the official Elero transmitter stick is not available anymore?

The Elero USB transmitter stick is the same with the Weiner BiEasy Stick. Give a try to buy one.

Another way is that the Elero USB transmitter stick contains a cc1101 868mhz module which is available on many shops like Aliexpress or Amazon.

I was already planning to buy one and try it but i haven’t got it yet.
There is a big reason to try it because the official Elero stick has a bug which prevents to send some commands which work with the factory remote control.
I have planed to do a try…


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Hi @DonGitto,

Regarding your post about the HomeKit integration, please see this issue because it is working for me.


Hi @istvan.szirtes

Actually finally, I was able to buy in a German shop but I guess this will be removed from the product line soon. The elero homepage does not list it just on the support page as there is a new product…

Thanks, for the tip anyway might be useful at some point!


I have Homeassistant with some integrations at my house and I would like to integrate some covers that use elero antenna (Combio 868 Revoline).
Since elero stick is not available to buy, can you tell me if buying a USB stick with CC1101 would work? Should a specific firmware should be flashed? From. What I understood, pairing the cover with the USB device is always needed for integration so how would it work with just a module connected to my pi?

Would something like this work?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @tiagomasc,

Good questions. However, I am not able to answer any of them yet. I think yes, we will need special firmware. I have planned to buy a CC1101 module for myself to develop a prototype in the future.

My selected device is this http://busware.de/tiki-index.php?page=CUL

I will inform you if any further progress is.

There are some similar discussions about this topic like these:


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Just my thought: How you would then do the pairing to the shutters?
With the original Elero stick, you can switch between the channels and also do the pairing by pressing the hardware buttons.

Does anyone has a hint, how the INTERMEDIATE and TILT positions can be addressed via Amazon Alexa?
I can say “Alexa, switch livingroom shutter on/off”, but it does not work something like this “Alexa, set livingroom shutter to 75%” or similar (as 75% = INTERMEDIATE in this integration here)
Does anyone get it running?

I can see the shutter in Amazon Alexa correctly, e.g.:

I get it working with the Alexa routines, but it’s quite complicated to create 2 routines for each and every shutter and shutter group.


I’m looking into the Elero Rolmotion product, which has two operation modes: ‘default’ and ‘whisper’ mode.
The ‘whisper’ mode is basically operating the roller shutters more slowely, which, in combination with the soft start and stop, should result in a more quiet operation.

I was wondering if this operation mode is supported using this component?

With the manual controls this is activated by a long press:

I’m also interested in your progress on the CC1101 module, as this seems to be a much cheaper alternative…

Thank you,

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I’m interested in reversing the protocol as well: I would need 4 transmitter sticks to cover all blinds, but I have a mixed system of unidirectional and bidirectional modules. AFAIK, the USB transmitter only works with the bidirectional modules. Nevertheless, I bought one transmitter stick that I received today (not yet tested).

Having a look at the PCB, there is a ATmega 1284P, a FT232 and a CC1101. There are several options to reverse the protocol:

  • Try to read out the ATmega firmware and disassemble it
  • Try to sniff the SPI communication between the ATmega and the CC1101
  • Try to sniff the RF protocol and do RF protocol analysis

Does anybody know which RF modulation is used (i.e. ASK, FSK …)?


Just a short update on this: I disassembled one of my TempoTel 2 transmitters (surprise, surprise: ATmega 1284P and CC1101 inside) and hooked up my logic analyzer. After a bit of fiddling around with the settings of PulseView and sigrok-cli I’m finally able to decode the traffic between the ATmega and the CC1101.

I’m focusing on the (older?) unidirectional protocol for now and I’m making slow progress. However, it’s the first time I’m trying to understand an RF protocol and I could definitely need some helping in interpreting the bits.


This is probably the last reply to myself: I gave up with figuring out the protocol…

…because I found another relatively cheap way: I bought a used Mediola AIO Gateway v4 and wrote a simple bridge to MQTT. The limitations of the USB transmitter still apply, but I get a ton of other features at the same time (I have some Somfy RTS blinds and Intertechno switches which are also supported this way).

You need the Mediola app (IQONCTROL or A.I.O. Creator Neo) once to set up the devices, although you could achieve the same effect by issuing HTTP requests. Their API documentation is incomplete, but the basics are there.

I bought a v4 because it seems to be the last model that supports all the devices without in-app purchases.

The mediola2mqtt script is available at my github repository: https://github.com/andyboeh/mediola2mqtt


I found it for sale on those 2 stores in Germany:

I successfully got my elero stick up and running with the elero plugin.
Now I would like to control it through MQTT messages from another actor.
Can somebody help me how to do this?
I specifically would like to send signals to open and close_tilted the covers.

What do you mean exactly, is this other actor already represented in HA or do you want to send control message via MQTT that should open/close the blinds?

In either case, I would go for an automation, but the actual triggers and conditions differ.

The questions I have are of basic HA nature.
(And I see that I wrote “actors” instead of “sensors”, sorry for the confusion :unamused: )

I have some IoT devices (ESP32) which have sensors and buttons which can be used as sensors, eg. to send MQTT messages. I can add those devices to HA and show the sensor/button state as sent through the MQTT messages.
Now I would want to link such state changes to trigger the covers to go Up and down.
I know that I would have to add some automation configs for this, but haven’t yet understand how to do this.

Another thing I want to try is to control the covers using RESTful calls.
Eg. some switches I have can be controlled with curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"entity_id": "switch.sonoff_1000ed1111"}'
But how would the API for the covers look like (URI)? I haven’t found any documentation for this yet.
I can read the covers status with:
url -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN"
=> Response: /cover.wohnzimmer_storen_links{"entity_id": "cover.wohnzimmer_storen_links", "state": "open", "attributes": {"current_position": 100, "current_tilt_position": 50, "elero_state": "top position stop", "friendly_name": "Wohnzimmer Storen links", "supported_features": 255, "device_class": "window"}, "last_changed": "2021-02-26T10:01:35.945823+00:00", "last_updated": "2021-02-26T10:01:35.945823+00:00", "context": {"id": "a3c88717f2acd66778dbfe92323b8a18", "parent_id": null, "user_id": null}}

But I am not able to set it, eg using following leads to error 400: Bad Request:
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"entity_id": "cover.wohnzimmer_storen_links"}'

I got it working now.
In case somebody needs something similar, this is the automation I created:

  alias: 'Wohnzimmer-Storen öffnen'
  - platform: mqtt
    topic: Virtual/Wohnzimmer-Storen-Steuerung
    payload: '0'
  - service: cover.open_cover
    - cover.wohnzimmer_storen_links
    - cover.wohnzimmer_storen_rechts

One then only has to publish the MQTT topic Virtual/Wohnzimmer-Storen-Steuerung with payload 0.

I am new to home assistant, but I have been observing the topic for some time because I have elero blinds. In the meantime, I bought a usb stick, but on the home assistant website in integrations, I currently do not see elero and I think it was a few months ago. Does this integration still work, I need not be afraid? I plan to start soon, is it hard to make it work?

is there any difference what version of the home assistan installation will I choose?

Sorry for my bad english

It is not too complicated and works quite well.

Just follow the readme in https://github.com/W00D00/home-assistant-elero#installation-of-the-lib

Hey. first thanks for this great component!

I still have the issue, that not all covers are created. If I look at the logfile:

AttributeError: 'Window' object has no attribute 'char_current_tilt'
2021-04-01 17:58:10 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.homekit] Failed to create a HomeKit accessory for cover.buro

The office (buro) is not the only one which can’t crate a cover.
Any ideas what this could be?

UPDATE: solved! In the issues in github is a thread where I had to add

          - up
          - down
          - stop
          - set_position
          - open_tilt
          - close_tilt
          - stop_tilt
          - set_tilt_position