I got a question.
There are so many devices to integrate to Home Assistant.
Why is there no ELGATO EVE ??
Or i can’t find it.
I got an Eve Aqua and an Eve Thermo and i would love to integrate them to Home Assistant. Mainly the Eve Aqua.
Is there a way ? Its is not included in the HomeKit-Controller.
Thanks for help

Same boat here. AFAIK, is not possible yet.
HA has a new internal HomeKit controller, but it works only with IP devices (so Wifi or LAN). It’s pretty hard to develop such support due to some bluetooth stack limit.
So it could work using the EVE extender, that basically is BT-to-LAN bridge, but I don’t have it so I can’t test.

Anyway, I’d love to know if there’s some sort of way to make HA interact with HomeKit (I mean “home app”, not single devices, as EVE is connected with AppleTV). Like; can HA control an HomeKit scene?

Hello @JohnJay77,
Here is what I did to control Eve Aqua from Home Assistant.
I understand Bluetooth low energy devices are not supported in Home Assistant at the moment.
So I use a combination of Home Assistant switch and Homekit magic to control the device

Late reply, but I use an Eve Thermo with homekit_controller via an Eve Extend bridge. Some more details here.