ElkM1 Alarm Engine

This topic is to discuss the new ElkM1 Alarm Engine (E27 Alarm Engine - ELK Products). I suspect that the existing ElkM1 integration will work with this new product, but have no basis to make that claim other than gut feel.

Please use this topic to share anything you discover about this product, primarily its ability to be integrated with Home Assistant, and hopefully using the existing ElkM1 integration.

Developer docs would be interesting to see.

If someone installs an Alarm Engine, please let us know! Try out the existing ElkM1 integration and share logs!

E27 as quoted from Elk Products “IS NOT a replacement for the Elk M1”.

Intro to E27 Alarm Engine dealer training.

Exciting to see if the E27 is supported as an integration, but it’s also clear that the Elk M1G will continue to be an actively supported product line. In fact, there’s a new 7" LCD keypad for the M1 launching in January. ELK Products at CEDIA Expo 2023

I am very interested in the E27 product as well. I’m still hanging on to my HAI Omni Pro which is EOL, so need a replacement. Took a hard look at M1, but was struggling to get excited about implementing a product that looks solid, but is quite old. Few modern features. Hoping the E27 is the choice…waiting to see how it goes…

Just curious as to what modern features are you looking for?

I’ve gone through the features of the E27, not yet available to the DIY market yet, and it really seems to bring only three main new features.

  1. Ethernet (essentially the M1EXP module installed on the mainboard).
  2. Header for WiFi exapansion
  3. Header for Z-wave expansion

The same number of inputs, zones and expansion matches the M1G.
Z-wave also seems to be limited in function ( * Z-Wave Support: 64 Lights, 8 Door Locks, 4 Thermostats, 4 Garage Doors)

The M1G had Z-Wave, the now discontinued ELK-M1XZW. It’s too bad Elk Products didn’t release an update, especially based on series 700 or now 800. How much of that module was simply revamped with series 500 and introduced in a new form factor?

The new ELK-AEZW is disappointing, obsolete already on launch in my own opinion (series 500). I know it’s been in development for a while (several years now), but it should be upgraded to at least Series 700. Alarm Engine Z-Wave Module - ELK Products

If you carefully compare the M1 expansion modules (on RS-485 bus) to the new E27 expansion modules, you’ll see that they are literally the same board although with different firmware.

E27 seems to be much more exciting for System Installers, with the remote management of their customer base. ElkConnect - ELK Products. In addition, there is a subscription fee. I’d argue that a well designed Home Assistant Dashboard accessible from the Home Assistant Cloud is a better investment in terms of a subscription fee.

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Both Brad Weeks and President of Elk Products Mike Burrell have confirmed that the E27 Alarm Engine is not intended to replace or compete with the Elk M1G product line. Quote “The ELK M1 Gold is ELK’s Premium Platform Control for High End Security and Automation . ELK will continue to offer, support and enhance the M1 System for many years to come. When the time comes the research and development that allowed ELK to create the Alarm Engine Platform and E27 Control will help us to create the next generation of M1 Gold Control…”

I’ve also heard of some additional products coming for the M1G. Looking forward to the 7" LCD Keypad that is WiFi or optional Ethernet/POE with Elk Connect built into it.