Emporia Vue

I am using it with the integration and it is pretty straight forward and works great
Even in my 2 emporias in one panel.
Still have to flash it to esphome but u didnt state which route you were planning

Sounds great, i buy the home assistant Green, and i did’t see the integration of emporia vue, i receive the green router last week so still in learning mode.
thank you for your feed back

I noticed today that there is an Emulated Kasa integration that allows you to send power usage states to Sense devices.

Since Emporia has their own smart switches, is there any kind of emulated device that can report back to an Emporia Vue 2?

I uave a problem with my emporia vue integration.
I changed the password to the vue cloud and cant find a spot where i can do this in the integration it self, so far i need to remove it and re add, but seems to be kinda counter intuitive. Can someone let me know where the email and password are actaully saved?

The only place know of for the login comes up when trying to add a “new hub” in the existing integration. I did that with another integration (iirc, with the HomeKit Bridge), and it worked out fine. Not sure whether that’s the right step for you to take at this point, to be honest (but I’d back up first, before I try that).

Thx alot for the hint, will take alook into that. Didnt try that cause i had no idea what a hub in therm actually woulb be haha

Did you get this figured out for the Empora Vue integration? I have just did a new HA deployment, got the HACS setup and added the custom Integration, but I never get a window come up to add email and password. I removed it and re-added a couple of times using different browsers, clearing cache and different times for restarting HA.

I have tried adding custom integration, restart HACS, then download on the explore repositories. Also tried adding custom integration, downloading repositor and restarting hacs and do not see a window for email/password. Don’t have any popup blockers and have tried on all the browsers (chrome, edge, firefox).

What am I missing to add the email and password?

Only thing I see on the HACS integration page is HACS and Emporia Vue and there is no options to configure anything, if you click Emporia Vue it just brings up git-hub page.

Thanks in advance.

Go to settings>devices and services. Bottom right add integration

In HA, not HACS

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much, I been racking my brain the last two days trying to figure out why I was not seeing it. Would have never thought to look their.

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