Emporia Vue

I have been looking into whole house monitoring solutions and the Emporia Vue looks like a decent device. According to this video that shows the inside it is running an ESP32 chip. Anyone who has this hardware interested in working to get it supported with something like ESPHome or Tasmota?

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnMVqz-BmZ8


@houseofbugs I was looking for this integration myself and saw this work by Magico13. I do not have the Emporia Vue as yet so I have not tested it myself.


thank you, thank you … been waiting for this for a while

Thanks for sharing. Has anyone found any interesting uses for this? Automations?

Thank you magico! This is fantastic!
I was hoping for a local, cloudless solution but this is great for now.

many, including and not limited to:

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All great points. I’ve been using the Emporia Vue for a few months now and it’s made me very conscious about power usage. For example, I found out my mini-split system was drawing 150W at idle, 24/7!

What would be the best way to track hourly/daily usage? Statistic sensor?

Crazy, I have a Lennox mini split and I recently discovered that it is using 290W at idle. Stupid.
I have to turn off the breaker to get around this which is not very convenient. Why would these units use so much energy when doing nothing?

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Wow! 290W is serious juice. My unit is a Mitsubishi.

    - platform: integration        
      source: sensor.power_123
      name: energy_spent
      unit_prefix: k
      round: 2
      unit_time: h
      method: left


    source: sensor.energy_spent
    cycle: hourly
    source: sensor.energy_spent
    cycle: daily
    source: sensor.energy_spent
    cycle: weekly
    source: sensor.energy_spent
    cycle: monthly
    source: sensor.energy_spent
    cycle: quarterly
    source: sensor.energy_spent
    cycle: yearly

read through the forums for details. got to his setup from first link in my previous post


Thank you again! It works perfectly and I hope it stays that way!

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Hello everyone. I am trying to install the Emporia_Vue through HACS

  1. During installation, I do get notification the FLOW integration is supported, no restart needed.
  2. Following the link to integration and selecting the + button in the right corner, does not list it.
  3. Files are present in custom_components/emporia_vue folder.
  4. In the instructions, I do not understand what to add in the following statement.
    *When installed, this will be located in ‘/config/custom_components/emporia_vue’ , you still need to add it to your ‘configuration.yaml’ file .

I am no expert, but I could go the manual way but I feel like it won’t solve anything. See my last comment below.

NOTE: I am NOT running the latest version of Hassio 0.104.3
HACS is NOT the latest version either, Installed: 0.24.5, but cannot be updated since I am running 0.104.3
However, I did test after updating Hassio and HACS and re-installing Emporia_Vue. Helas, the integration is still not listed! So I’ve decided to restore the older version.

I’ve figured it out. The entry is blank and @ the top of the list of course. After a few seconds another prompt comes up still with blanks. 1st entry is the email and the 2nd one is the password which you can make visible. And finally, SUCCESS. :+1:

My Emporia connection was working - it has since died. I can connect via the app on my phone - but Home Assistant is showing no connection.

Anyone else seeing an issue?

Mine is still working.

My integration is gone! I went to add it back and get an unexpected error. I will consult logs :frowning:

Error below:

Logger: custom_components.emporia_vue.config_flow
Source: config_entries.py:997
Integration: emporia_vue ([documentation](https://github.com/magico13/ha-emporia-vue))
First occurred: 4:40:52 PM (3 occurrences)
Last logged: 4:49:21 PM

Unexpected exception

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/config/custom_components/emporia_vue/config_flow.py", line 82, in async_step_user self._abort_if_unique_id_configured() File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/config_entries.py", line 997, in _abort_if_unique_id_configured raise data_entry_flow.AbortFlow("already_configured") homeassistant.data_entry_flow.AbortFlow: Flow aborted: already_configured

It was disabled - I re-enabled it but then I got this:

Logger: custom_components.emporia_vue.sensor
Source: custom_components/emporia_vue/sensor.py:68
Integration: Emporia Vue (documentation)
First occurred: 4:52:31 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 4:52:31 PM

No channels found during update

It have one of my 2 emporias importing in to HA now. The plot thickens…

I cannot get Emporia Vue to show up in the Integrations list. I can see in the logs that homeassistant.loader sees the integration and it shows up in custom_components:

2021-06-05 13:59:50 WARNING (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.loader] We found a custom integration emporia_vue which has not been tested by Home Assistant. This component might cause stability problems, be sure to disable it if you experience issues with Home Assistant

I just updated HA to 2021.6.2 before installing the custom repo. I’ll do some more Googling, but I’m thinking this might be a new issue.

I guess it was a problem with the version I was using. I just upgraded to the latest and now I can see the integration.

Has anyone seen this GitHub for vuegraf for the Emporia Vue? ( GitHub - jertel/vuegraf: Populate metrics from your Emporia Vue energy monitoring devices into an InfluxDB )

It employs the use of InfluxDB and Grafana. It is based on Python, I don’t know enough about Python but I know it is used in Home Assistant and building integrations. I want to know how I can use and plug-in this vuegraf into HomeAssistant.

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If you are using the [magico13/ha-emporia-vue] integration in Home Assistant, the data will already be appearing in the InfluxDb database. All you need to do is display the data like you want in Grafana.