Emulated Hue + Alexa issues

Anyone recently had issues with the emulated hue and Amazon Alexa?
I’ve had this setup for a long while now but did a little cleanup of my devices. I decided to wipe everything from the Alexa app, and rescan to add all devices again. The app finds all of my hue bulbs connected to my physical hue hub, but nothing from my emulated hub. I’ve checked that the emulated hub is working by checking the /api/username/lights endpoint and that seems to be fine. Also I can see in the HASS logs that when I click discover in the Alexa app, emulated hue is serving the /description.xml file a bunch of times.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this further?

I’m having the same issue, just bought an Amazon Echo Show and it was complaining that nothing responded so I deleted it all and tried to re-discover but not having any luck at all! I was also using ha-bridge and that isn’t working either

Have you still got an older Echo on your network? The new ones like the Show can’t discover emulated_hue devices.

Unfortunately no, its on ebay. I tried with the Fire Tv Alexa remote but that wouldn’t work either. I’m experimenting with the Node-red Alexa skill now to see if I can get it working that way

None of the Alexa only ‘fake’ Echos will discover anything, I’m afraid you’ve stuffed yourself!

Just tried https://alexa-node-red.bm.hardill.me.uk/ and it worked first time, no issues at all discovering and the Echo Show responds as it should turning on and off my tv etc

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Cool, you ought to post that as it’s own topic with a how-to, I think you’d make a lot of people very happy :+1:

@Jer78 worth a look? :wink:

Not sure if I’d have time to do it as a proper how-to but if your running Home Assistant in a docker its not too much trouble to add a Node-Red container.

I briefly tried it out this morning with Node-Red talking to Harmony Hub and Hue lights directly without any Home Assistant involvement but just noticed that its possible to get NR and HASS to talk to each other which may be useful. I’m still learning a lot of this stuff, if anyone reading wants any pointers let me know and I’ll try to help

Got to give this a go so I installed the Node Red hass.io addon and set up the Alexa skill you linked to but am confused what to do next. All the examples show quite involved set ups, I’d just like to get a simple light on/off sorted so I have a point to work from.

Any pointers much appreciated :slight_smile:

this website is really useful, I am just working through it now to get the Alexa skill to talk to Home Assistant http://www.diyfuturism.com/index.php/2017/11/26/the-open-source-smart-home-getting-started-with-home-assistant-node-red/

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Thanking you.

No problem, I got it set up now and just setup a couple of flows to turn everything off and turn my telly on and off (we used these the most), really easy and I’m well happy! Now off to experiment with everything else, seems like Node-Red and Home Assistant is a very powerful combination

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Me too :slight_smile:

Didn’t think it was going to work as it kept throwing a “Cannot GET /homeassistant/services” error and wouldn’t show the Service table as per the pic in that guide but after running a discover in the Alexa app and triggering it once everything came to life in the node red ui.

Really liking this, another one that’s easier to actually set up than it looks…and @jer78 free :zipper_mouth_face: …need to try a flow that generates a response now.

Many thanks for the inspiration to give it a go, has washed some of the current sour taste away. On the flip side, I have now forgotten the other HA thing I was definitely going to try this week, I’m sure it was something to do with scripts.

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Yeah I had the same problem but not sure what I did to resolve it, just persevered until it worked. It doesn’t seem to connect the first time until you try a voice command, once Alexa says its not responding Node-Red shows connected underneath the Alexa nodes and works fine from then on

@snarby @Bobby_Nobble Good find! I’ll give it try this weekend. Thanks

I’m trying to get Alexa to report the temp from my Broadlink sensor but having no luck, any bright ideas?

@Bobby_Nobble How about tts to a media_player?

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@Bobby_Nobble yes I think tts would work, if you create a script that reads the temperature as tts and link it to the Alexa node

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Ah…I was trying to use the Alexa response node but had no idea what to do with it :blush:

Having said that though, ‘get temperature’ is one of the Alexa node commands so would imply some built in function would it not and Alexa herself asked ‘which thermostat’, I have a Hive one, so must’ve recognised the node as one too?

Maybe, I can’t really test as I use a Nest and that works well with Alexa so don’t really want to break it!

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