Energy: Add fixed daily cost

In Australia we generally have 2 types of charge for electricity. A usage charge per kWh, and a fixed supply charge per day.

It would be great to add a fixed daily cost to the energy cost calculation. I’m thinking like an extra entry field here:


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Thanks! I didn’t realise that I had to :slight_smile:

This along with Solcast support would make the dashboard perfect for Australian users.

+1 for this. In the UK this is pretty much standard too


same for the Gas meter too!

Or yearly cost…

This also applies for my current contract with Vattenfall in The Netherlands

same in portugal. A fixed daily cost should be awesome.

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+1 for UK too - thanks!

To do this requires two data values:

  • unit_cost
  • standing_charge

This could be two sensors, but gets complex when you have different unit_costs for peak and off peak, and then you have it for both gas and electricity. Could lead to a proliferation of sensors.

I was wondering if there should be a new Entity Class of Tarif, with attributes.
Something like

fuel: gas
standing_charge: 2.00
  peak: 20.00
  off-peak: 10.00
  peak: 08:00 - 20:00

and the status being peak - for the rate currently active?

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It is impossible to cover all scenarios for tariffs. e.g. Some are seasonal, that woudl not fit in your schema.

The current situation where you set the option “Use an entity with current price”, leaves it up to the end user to automate this value and will fit all situations.

The same option could be available for fixed costs. The difference being this entity is only added once per day not per kWh.


So if a whole country has tariffs like this you’re just going to expect every one of the users from there to setup an automation to fix this? Come on…

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Considering this is how the unit price works and that the automation would not be as difficult as you are implying, then yes this is what I would expect.

To be fair, using @tom_l 's idea would actually be feasible. If there was a massive demand for an automation to automatically change the tariff - then someone could just create a blueprint, and then all those other users don’t have to create an automation.

We also have this system in the UK: daily standing charge that’s always charged daily no matter how much you use or not, and then on top of that your variable kWh that depends on how much you use. Really need this for accurate tracking, otherwise there will be several £’s missing from reports.


Same thing here for Spain


+1 for fixed daily cost/ standard charge as it’s known in the UK which is a distinct cost for Gas and Electricity irrespective of usage during the day. This isn’t a large cost (for example my gas has around 0.17GBP standard charge per day) but if there was some way it could be added to the cost column, then the cost would be more accurate for the users who pay this amount.

It can be substantial with some tariffs, here I’ve gor a daily cost/standing/stadard charge that is closer to 50% of the total daily cost of power.

Tarifs are supplier based and contract based and can depend on the day that you signed your contract.

There are already contracts that will charge you by the market price.

The most likely “best” case is that the supplier provides this information somehow and that an interested person implements an integration or so for it so that every other person in the same case can reuse it.

Further even if the fixed cost is once per day, it would be nice to apply it proportionally once per hour.

This is how my gas provider shows it in his web UI. The fixed cost is only shown when choosing the graph in euros and it scales according to the period.