Energy Dashboard: Add/calculate self-sufficiency / Autarkie of the Photovoltaik system

The degree of self-sufficiency

The degree of self-sufficiency shows to what extent a household can supply itself with electricity from its own solar power system. A degree of self-sufficiency of 100% would therefore mean that a household could completely disconnect itself from the grid operator in order to supply itself with electricity. The degree of self-sufficiency is calculated as follows:

Degree of self-sufficiency [%] = self-consumed solar power / total power consumption.

With a photovoltaic system with an installed capacity of 5 kWp to 20 kWp and an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh, a degree of self-sufficiency of 50% to 60% can be achieved. If a storage system is integrated, the degree of self-sufficiency increases to 75% to almost 100% with usable storage sizes from 3 kWh and with identical solar power and identical annual electricity consumption.

pls add this in the energy-dashboard for day/week/month/yearly statistics.

Self-consumption vs. self-sufficiency.

Self-consumption ratio or degree of self-sufficiency? These two values are often used synonymously, but they differ in their calculation: The self-consumption of the photovoltaic system is related to a different basis in each case.

The share of self-used solar electricity in the produced solar electricity is the self-consumption quota.
The share of self-used solar electricity in total electricity consumption is called the self-sufficiency ratio.

The “self-consumption quota” you describe already exists in the sidebar of the Energy dashboard and is called “Self-consumed solar energy” there, right? (Personally, I don’t think this metric is that relevant, the smaller your PV the bigger value you’ll get. If you want to achieve 100% there then you should build a PV consisting of a single PV module. Or break your PV such that it produces way less than it could. :man_shrugging:)

I would be very interested in a gauge that shows the Autarkie (“self-consumption quota”), too! Actually, it’s the more relevant metric in my opinion: It is a measure of how well my PV works and how well my home is set-up to use the PV energy (and how much my PV is able to reduce my energy bill).

+1 for the autarkie of the photovoltaik in the energy dashboard!
The daily/monthly/yearly statistics would be nice.

does anybody know where to find the code of the current implementation “Self-consumed solar power”

as all data already available it is hopefully not to complicated to add this information