Energy Dashboard additional Features

I propose that the Energy Dashboard gets more flexibility regarding energy sources, right now its very focused on solar.

Edit: structured

  • List of individual Devices: show unaccounted energy (delta between grid, production and the sum of inidividual devices
  • List of individual Devices: group them together as drilldown eg. it stuff, household appliances
  • Add additional energy-sources: power generators, water/wind turbine, wood-pellets heater
  • Add energy sources for water: eg. my hot tap water and heating is provided by the city-heat-network.
  • List of individual devices: only show entities that are not yet added
  • Show the Co2 Equivalent Output

==> If I look at the source-code it would make sense to move away from individual classes and move to a generic class that has the energy type and direction of flow as configuration options (and maybet set the icon for nice look :wink: )

Edit: old text
If Iā€™d like to track the energy of more households it would need more energy producers (not only for electric energy)
E.g. wood-pallet-central heating, the produced energy can be measured, or using an water turbine or a power generator as last resort. (and maybe set a co2/kWh for this energy sources)
Also there are alternative grid energy sources like hot-water in my case. I have wireless mbus meters in both heating and hot-water lines.

Also I have a lot of plug engery meters and it would be great if I could collect this in groups, eg. house hold appliances, it stuff, gaming consoles :wink:

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I would love to see this built into home-assistant as well.

I built a dashboard earlier today, to simulate this type of functionality.