Energy: Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, Oil

Would it be possible to get more units for “gas” ?
The implementation of “gas” as part of the energy dashboard is great but there are far more heating materials than gas where kWh and m³ does not make sense at all.
For example Oil (liter, gal) or Wood Pellets/Wood Chips which are of unit kg or pound.

“Gas” basically could be seen as a far more generic “Heating” with more units to be allowed.

seems to be demanded by some… but probably nobody cares that there is not only gas in the world…

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The whole home energy management subsystem needs lot of improvements, it is based on several hardcoded assumptions instead of being flexible and customizable as everything else in Home Assistant.

Some attention from the team is needed here, this is a great feature which now looks like just a proof of concept which never got the development it deserves.