Energy Dashboard: Data of individual devices not shown anymore (after update to 2024.5.3?)

Hi, up to a few days ago, everything was fine with my energy dashboard. Electric energy in, out, solar energy and also some individual devices are available.

After the update to 2024.5.3 i found, that the hourly bar charts and also the accumulated energy chart at the bottom of the energy dashboard stopped showing current data. After rebooting homeassistant (timepoint R), a bar chart at the following full hour is generated but then it stopped working again (the screenshot was taken in the late evening). However, current data is available. I can see it elsewhere and also in the history. The data originates from some Shelly Plus Plugs S and Shelly Plus 1 PM devices.

Energy in, out and solar at the top however keep working well. I also setup a completely blank new homeassistant from scratch today (2024.5.3 as vmware image), installed the Shelly integration and the issue was present as well. Any ideas?

Found the solution myself. I was completely looking into the wrong direction. The shelly devices deliver power-data but NOT energy-data. They seem to require internet connection to get a correct time. Without that, they are not able to calculate the energy-entity as it seems to me. I firewalled them away from the internet, since i thought, they would not need it, at the very same time, when i installed the 2024.5.3 update. Sorry!

Thanks to these guys here pointing it out: Shelly devices are not updating Energy entity (kWh) ?!