Energy Dashboard Device is not correctly reset on next day

Hello all
I have an Emporia Vue 2 (flashed with ESPHome) for Energy measurement. I have a few circuits in HomeAssistand and in the energy dashboard.
The sensors from Vue record the daily energy usage and resets them to 0 at midnight. This seems to work in the dashboard for all except one (the one from the heatpump). That means, on the start of a new day, the heatpump immediately shows the total usage from the last day and starts counting from there instead of from zero. When looking at the raw sensor values, the seem correct.
I have attached two screnshots: one where you see the beginning of a new day in the energy dashboard and one graph from the raw sensor value.
What could be the issue here?
Many thanks for help

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Nobody has the same issue? I am on 23.2.3 now and this still happens.

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I am still stuffering from the same issue. Is there any way I can debug this any further? Like data from the DB? This is pretty much driving me nuts.

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I have the exactly same issue on my one particular device, tried many ways to solve but no lucky.

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I have much the same issue, though I am trying to combine multiple energy sensors into a category sensor (e.g., two EV chargers into a Transportation Consumption sensor, a heatpump sensor and furnace sensor into a Space Heating sensor, etc). Adding the accumulating sensors together in a template only gives a grand overall total, not a daily total. Hence, right now, on the daily Sankey Energy Distribution chart, it shows over 200 kWh of EV consumption.

And to attempt to calculate Home Total Daily Energy, I would need a daily value for load_consumed_energy as well;

- sensor:
      - name: "Home"
        unique_id: homeconsumptionresidence
        state_class: measurement
        device_class: energy
        unit_of_measurement: "Wh"
        state: >
          {% set loadconsumed = states('sensor.load_consumed_energy') | float %}
          {% set transportationconsumption = states('sensor.transportation_consumption') | float %}
          {{ ((loadconsumed - transportationconsumption) | float) |  default(0.0) | round (2) }}

Right now, this is giving me -200,000+ kWh of Home load consumption, which is of course egregiously incorrect.

ESPHome has a Total Daily Energy capability, though the devices I am using in this situation are not ESPHome devices…

I am in the same boat. I too have ESP flashed Vue 2. I’ve been struggling with the same issue for months. Sensors are being reset at midnight to 0 but statistics adds previous day usage after reset no matter what I try change configs on Vue or HA Energy. Did you ever find solution? The total usage works correctly just not individual devices for some reason.

Did anyone find a solution? My first vue is working fine. Second device daily energy is just additive and does not ever reset unless my VM is restarted. Esphome config I reviewed line for line and no difference in the main settings.

same issue here

- name: IT Today Consumption
  unit_of_measurement: kWh
  device_class: energy
  state_class: total_increasing
  state: >
    {{ [ states('sensor.backup_nas_today_s_consumption'), 
         | map('float') | sum | round(2)}}

I have also been having this issue for some time. I tried a few adjustments to filters without success. I considered moving the energy sensors over to HA, but my last attempt seems to be working.
I added a delta filter to try to catch the sudden drop when resets at midnight. In the past I was using throttle or throttle_average which were likely passing the full day’s energy after midnight.

It has worked for one day in a row. Hopefully the trend continues.

  - platform: total_daily_energy
    name: "Daily Power"
    power_id: power
    unit_of_measurement: 'kWh'
    state_class: total_increasing
    device_class: energy
    accuracy_decimals: 3
      # Multiplication factor from W to kW is 0.001
      - multiply: 0.001
      - or:
        - delta: 0.005
        - heartbeat: 60s