Energy Dashboard Grid Total wrong


i´ve a simple question, why the Grid Total is completly wrong ?
The calculation shoudl not be “Import - Export”, this doesnt make sense.
It should only calculated by Grid Consumption and not sub with Export…

It should be also 3,74kWh and not 1,06kWh.

So the calculation with a cost tracker make also non sense with these bug…

anybody can confirm ?

Screenshot 2023-04-06 060119

Yes I can confirm that import minus export is correct. This gives the total energy used. Which is what most people are billed for. If you have a different billing method you will have to calculate that yourself.

but import remains import, it makes no sense to subtract the export since the counter does not count backwards. at least in Germany it is like that. it actually has to remain import. it is shown correctly on the diagram, only wrong in the table.

Or I’ma completely wrong :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You are lucky that you live in a Country that uses gross metering. Most of the world uses net metering. This is what the energy dashboard has been set up to use. So:

So maybe you give us a little bit control over it to setup what we need :slight_smile:
Let us control the calculating from the dashboard - dont know if this is possible but would be awesome :star_struck: