Energy Dashboard use Wh instead of kWh

is it possible to change the unit for the Energy Dashboard? I want to change the unit form kWh to Wh. I have only a very small solar panel in my garden and it doesn´t make sense to track this in kWh.


Not that I’m aware of.

You could replace the bar chart with a built-in graph card, Apex Charts or the Mini Graph Card.

There’s also a HACS power flow card (not energy, but there is an energy one I don’t know about) you can consider. It will switch between kW and W as needed.

Thanks for your answer. Now, I know I didn’t overlooked a setting. I think I will add a factor of 1000 to my values and ignore the unit.

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You’re welcome.

If I’m you (just my suggestion), I’d keep my sensors true. Personally, I’d try the energy and power cards on HACS. I use the power one and it’s very easy to use. For the bar chart, it should be pretty easy to get a bar chart with the mini graph card going. That one is very popular with many users.

You´re right. The power cards on HACS are very easy to use. Thanks again!

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