Energy Distribution Card auto update

As mentioned here: Energy Distribution today - not automatically updating

The Energy Distribution Card does not automatically update when you insert it onto another dasboard. Would be great if this could be added.

I haven’t yet observed this particular issue… I’m using the energy distribution card within my dashboard for the solar installation - and it always showed the correc information.
It might be, that it does not update while you are on the dashboard itself - but everytime, when I went into the specific dashboard (when I came from another one) - it showed the correct & expected information.

I am monitoring this right now, having both dashboards, the energy dashboard and my solar dashboard open … now, I am waiting for an update on one of them… :slight_smile:

11:44 local time…

Tested it, it also does not update on the energy page (with me), I waited for the hour to change as before nothing happens. Do also vote for your own request

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yep right - I could not really observe the issue when it should update, because we had a fire-alert here at work just at that time … ^^
But it seems that the graph does only update when the dashboard reloads (go to another dashboard and come back, etc.)…

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Voted for this Fix/Feature Request… Using Home Assistant on a Nexus 9. The Energy only updates if i switch the dashboards. Should update itself.