Energy Distribution today - not automatically updating

Please excuse the newbie question.
I have copied the ‘Energy Distribution today’ element from the Energy Dashboard into a new dashboard as I didn’t need all of the information presented in the ‘Energy’ dashboard.
I realise that the original Energy dashboard will only update on an hourly basis due to energy being in kWh, but it appears that the the copied ‘Energy Distribution today’ only updates when I refresh the new dashboard, not automativally like the original ‘Energy’ Dashboard.

Am I missing something?

Screenshots attached.

Thanks Graham.


did you find the solution? I noticed the same today … :frowning:

Hi @majdzik84,

Sorry for the delay in replying I have not been here for a while.

I still get the same delay issue as previously mentioned. It is not the end of the world for me just a refresh and everything is updated. Obviously it would be nice if it updated without the need for a manual refresh.



I have the same issue as you.
I created a custom dashboard and added the Energy Distribution Today card.

I use an android tablet and use the HA application to display the dashboard.
The card is not updated. I have to reopen the app to reload the new data for this card.

Did you find any solution?

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The same for me.
I am also using an android tablet where the Energy Distribution Today card is not updated until a manual reload of the whole dashboard.


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I have the exact same issue. No solution so far. Everything is updating except for this. I’ll keep on searching and will post results here.


Same issue here!

Anyone with a fix?

Same issue here!

Anyone allready with a fix?

Same here… is someone on this ?

Hello everyone, I suddenly have the same problem. Reinstalled the app, can’t get it to work. Has anyone found a solution?

Same issue here!

Anyone allready with a fix?

found some hacs energy grid cards but they all have some cons that come with them.

Same Issue here… its useless without auto update :frowning:

I have the same issue. What database are you using? I’m currently at default SQLite but I might change to see if this behaviour change

Im using the default database and alongside i m, using influx db for grafana dashboards.
i dont know if this card can work with other databases.

What I did to make this work is edit your dashboard where you want the Energy distribution today. Then go to Edit on Energy distribution today. And add below line to Card configuration and hit save.
update_interval: 3600s

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Will try that for sure. Thank you!