Energy Feature - integrate the Powerdale Nexxtmove Platform (Car chargers)

Dear team,

Here in Belgium (BE) and Luxembourg (LU) we have a big player on the EV chargers solution : Powerdale with their Nexxtmove Platform.

I would be nice that the Home Assistant could interact with the cloud platform.

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Seems not much happend on this thread since you raised the question.
I am also interested in case there would be some evolution since it’s the choose solution by our company for EV charging.



Same here. Would love to have this integrated to HA.
I have the Nexxtender mobile.

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I ll be happy to get help too

In case you missed it, firmware to enable wifi on the box was finally released this week, unfortunately I have scanned it and not found any open ports to poll … not sure we will be able to come with something valuable, except an integration with their cloud !

Not sure about that but at least used by some companies :slight_smile:

I opened a ticket at Powerdale and answer is :
An API to platforms other than Nexxtmove is not possible.
Upon request, it was confirmed that it is also not under development, or that it is not being worked on today.

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Hi, next week they will be installing mine.
Don’t you get a login to the Nexxtmove platform? If so, I will be happy to create an integration :slight_smile:

Just had a look with a colleague to the Nexttmove website, but it pushes the data back in HTML… (what an idea)… Did someone already have a look how the mobile app communicates with their backend?

And do you have information about the API?

Nexxtmove is not playing the game.
I got my login/pwd but not yet the wallbox.
I take the apk and try to see what is inside. But till now, I don’t get the communication part except finding some URL. It’s not my area but trying. :wink:

I decompiled it yesterday and have some URLs and know the logic now… But I am still missing the base path that they put in the context. The first part that comes behind the

Positive thing is that they communicate in json :partying_face:

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Yes, I found as well the same.

It’s a portal accessible on the web.

I know, but those links push back html no?

Geert and myself found some interesting results. Let see the outcome in some weeks.

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You can join us here: Nexxtmove on HA

First release ready: GitHub - geertmeersman/nexxtmove: Home Assistant component for the Nexxtmove - Powerdale platform

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Luminus (Belgian power company) is installing the home EV chargers for our company. I saw on their website their top tier charger is the Powerdale Home (22kW). I came to this topic to look for a way to integrate it in home assistant. For me it is a must that I’m able to control the charge current of my EV, otherwise I’ll look for another solution.

The question I have after reading this topic is why you nobody tried to integrate the charger to home assistant via OCPP? Looks like the Powerdale Home support OCPP 1.6 (OCPP laders compatibel met Nexxtmove | Powerdale)

Home assistant already has an integration for OCPP (Table of Contents — home-assistant-ocpp documentation). Could one of you be so kind to check if this works, if it does it looks like a more simplistic solution to your problem. Hope this helps

Hi @ST-Automation,

This remember me some research I did:
I found this when looking into the Discord history:
Firmware$Type {

About firmware , I think the first parameter type is HTTP
see ocppFirmwareUpdate
safePut(jSONObject, “protocol”, “HTTP”);
safePut(jSONObject, “type”, Firmware.Type.OCPP.rawType);

The first parameter of the firmware url api , not sure what they asking for with “Type”
about OCPP , it’s related to OCPP 2.0.1, Protocols, Home - Open Charge Alliance
I didn’t look further in OCPP because I think the firmware is using BLE. I was not aware of that compatibility and I was not aware of that OCPP integration in HA.
Something interesting to check indeed.
About charge current, live data is available in the BT part of the powerdale home device. So the idea is to have an esp32 connected in BT (paired + pin auth) to read those values + doing some actions if possible.

Now if t’s possible via OCCP protocol, then fine :slight_smile: This need some further investigations. I don’t have EV car yet (next year) but having aldready the charger device.

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I saw in integration that we need to configure into the charger station an OCPP web socket.
I didn’t find any information into nexxtmove home device that indicate where we can put this information.
It’s weird to mention on their website that is compliant and in the app, nothing is present.

If I understand well , nexxtmove is a OCPP platform and charging point is OCPP compatible. But from now, it’s in the code of the app but not used as it go via BLE.
And if nexxtmove ask to powerdale to active the OCPP, then they will push the firmware type OCPP instead of BLE.
thus the charging point will be configured with a web socket towards nexxtmove. I don’t think it’s possible to forward data from charging point to 2 separate OCCP systems.