Energy Management in Home Assistant

I don’t understand - the Fronius data will reflect this.

I just put the total energy measurements in to the dashboard instead, it seems to be able to work out the daily figures without using the utility_meter anyway.

For grid consumption use sensor.energy_real_consumed_fronius_meter_0_http_solar
For grid return use sensor.energy_real_produced_fronius_meter_0_http_solar
For solar generation use sensor.energy_total_fronius_inverter_1_http_solar

Ok, so it looks like you have the Fronius smart meter. What I was getting at is that the inverter cannot give you grid values.

Ah right. Agreed.

Hi, looking at the electricityMap and our coal loving government around here (NSW Australia) we will never show up as green energy on that map. But individually people can opt to consume green energy. Is there a way to force the nice green leaf to show up in the dashboard?

Why my day start with production from solar = -24,14 (this is production from previous day), when on 00:00 the value of sensor was 0 ?

Yes, I have this working fine with Fronius inverter (for solar generation) + Smart Meter (for grid consumption and feed in).
From the Energy Configuration page I set the required inputs to the following sensors:

[Electricity grid] (requires Smart Meter):
Grid consumption: sensor.energy_real_consumed_fronius_meter_...
Return to grid: sensor.energy_real_ac_minus_fronius_meter_...

[Solar panels] (from inverter)
Solar production: sensor.energy_total_fronius_inverter_...

These sensors all provide cumulative totals of energy flows (as required, which the new UI cards process to generate their required output values).

I’m using the ‘standard’ Fronius platform sensor.

It’s a very welcome addition for tracking energy use:


Hi, Same as most here, cant get an entity to show up in the drop down of consumed / returned energy

been reading the whole tread but no luck so far.

Is there any way to make this work with an Shelly EM ? and if so someone that could help out?

Is this a thing? I use the template_sensor directly on the esp: Template Sensor — ESPHome

I don’t like to fiddle around on two ends for the same device so I typically set everything up on the esphome side to work automagically with ha. :thinking:

Looks like esphome needs to add support to have the template sensor available for energy measurements in ha then :eyes:

I have the same issues, both for solar, power usage and power return…

The timezone in my homeassistant is configured properly. No idea what is causing this strange behaviour…

Perhaps it’s the same but I use sensor.energy_real_produced_fronius_meter_...

Thanks, yes, several of the Fronius sensors give very similar, but subtly-different, values. ‘real_ac_minus’ gave me the closest to what the Fronius’ own app was giving in initial testing, so I’m going with that for now. (I’ll continue tracking against what the values are in my actual electricity bills over the longer term and pick which ever gives the best long-term match).

I have a sensor sensor.energy_reactive_ac_produced_fronius_meter_0_http_solar which is reporting a massive value that appears to be complete nonsense. It’s value is 48MWh, even though I have only generated 14MWh total.

For everyone that gets 0 kWh at the sources page sensors (while the sensor itself does have the correct value in Dev Tools states) and thinks they have the right sensors (with attributes) selected:

Check if you didn’t excluded this sensors from your recorder! (turned out to be my problem :slight_smile: )


I have the same issue
Does anyone know how to fix this?

The green leaf is probably more aimed at people who don’t care/know where their electricity is coming from, and are now getting a bit of a reality check. If you - like me - have opted for carbon neutral energy, then the green leaf is just decoration. :wink:

again still no graph…
Anyone know what can cause this problem?

i also deleted the file at .storage/energy and configured again… nothing shows up.
an other user using the same integration he has no problems at all…


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Does the platform: integration automatically convert W to kWh? Because I have a lot of measurement devices (smart sockets, but also all my light modules measure power) so I could use this to integrate everything in the energy dashboard.

Yes, of course, you are right. But I want to be rewarded for my behaviour :slight_smile:


Hi, can the two data points below (in yellow) be published as a separate entity for tracking?

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How did you integrate your Fronius inverter? I only get “no matching statistics found”. My fronius sensors work perfectly but they don’t show up in the new energy configuration