No Fronius in energy dashboard

Hi All,

I am trying to setup the energy dashboard with my fronius solar (incl. energy meter).
From this post - I would expect that in general this feature is already available for fronius integration:

The issue I am having is that when I try to configure the values for “Grid consumption”, “Return to Grid”, “Solar Production” or “Devices” there is always the issue of “No matching statistics found”.

I already have activated history for sensors in the fronius integration, but while I see the information in the history tab, still nothing selectable within energy dashboard.
Do I have to additionally (to the history integration) enable recorder for the needed sensors or manually create specific “statistics” platform sensors for the default sensors created by fronius integration?

Thanks for help & hints

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Did not test it yet - but it seems with the last update the fronius integration got support for the energy dashboard…
See: 2021.9.0: More energy, USB discovery, template
Will try to upgrade and test during the coming weekend.