Energy spike (duplicated energy at midnight)


Recently, on some days, I am seeing huge energy spikes at midnight. I assume that the previous days values are being taken into consideration before the sensors reset, or something like that.

Its not happening every day, but at least once every few days. Is this a known issue? Its happening on my IotaWatt energy monitoring. Its a shame the constantly increasing sensor was removed, which did not have this issue. (Drop IoTaWatt Accumulated sensors by agners · Pull Request #86611 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) (fyi @agners)


I wonder if this short gap in the metric is related to the problem:

Hi @dannytrigo, did you find a fix? I’m seeing this every day. It worked fine for about a year but now I also see a spike at midnight.

After posting I found another chat: Strange values in Energy Dashboard

I didn’t find a fix. It seems to occur much less often now. But it happens quite a lot if I restart home assistant frequently (when I’m developing integrations and need to keep restarting to use new code)