Strange values in Energy Dashboard

Hi there.
Got strange values in the Energy Dashboard. Seams like it at 00:00 sums up last days usage.
This happened earlier when I first added the sensors after sun-panel and battery installation a month ago.
Used a Github GitHub - MickMake/GoSungrow: GoLang implementation to access the iSolarCloud API updated by SunGrow inverters. addon and use the sensors from that addon as input to the dashboard as instructed. Dont know where to start… Is it the Addon missbehaving or is it HASS ?

Show the history graphs for your energy sensors for that period.

It is as if the reset at midnight register as a change. Today It all looked as it should but it seams a bit finicky.

Can you zoom in on midnight and see what exact time it resets?

It drops at 00:00:32

I had a similar situation on the 14th of June which was caused by a reset of my solaredge inverter. The key challenge is that this is not something you can easily correct manually as it involves changing the long term statistics database which, due to its setup, is not as simple as changing 1 value.

See this thread: Negative Values in Energy Dashboard since last update - #92 by marcelhoogantink

In your case it could be due to a timing issue (sensor resets after midnight instead of at midnight)

Developer tools → Statistics, click on the ramp icon next to your entity to edit the statistics.

That is why it is included in the next day.

If it would have been that easy, then I would have solved it much earlier :slight_smile:

See below the screenshot of Developer tools → Statistics for the mentioned sensor for the mentioned day and below that the screenshot of the mentioned day in “Energy”.

It is that simple. You are not looking at the correct time in the edit window. The error occurred at 9pm. You are looking at 7am to 11am.

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I feel so incredibly dumb now….

Super. It however don’t eliminate the occurrances of strange values but I now know how to tackle the problem. Many thanx !!

is there a step by step guide to solve this first irrelevant and false measurement at short after midnight?
I read but sorry, don´t know what to do to solve it.

You could try feeding the sensor to a utility meter helper.

On a daily cycle they should reset exactly at midnight. Or if you don’t define a cycle the don’t reset at all. The energy dashboard can handle that.

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Hi Tom, sorry for beeing a noob, and non english native speaker. This is normal as far as I understand?
I, sorry, need a step by step guide because for me is hard to follow - what Sensor I should use? set back what and where? I only understand, that this addon is not usable for me at this point. Maybe just because of a small setting somewhere, but I can´t follow.

The energy sensors you are currently using in the energy dashboard.

Create a utility meter with each of those sensors. You can do it in the GUI under the helpers section:

Then use the sensors those utility meters create in your energy dashboard instead of the ones you have now.

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But why is this comming up in the last days? Something changed in the add-on?
For me, too much work, i will need to switch and check Sungather if it´s better usable for me.
Sorry, there are sensor.gosungrow … and this should work in my eyes themselve.
Thank you so much, will try and check what is better for me

Hi Tom, I have the same problem that @copadewe has (large spike on energy graph at midnight). I’m looking at your utility meter helper suggestion and wonder if this will still give correct total if HA is offline during the day. It looks like the utility meter integrates a real time reading while I think the energy meter normally gets daily total directly from the device.

Will the utility meter only integrate the readings see while HA is running (that is, live)?

Note: My system did not have this problem for the first year but I now see this problem every day.

Hi, I wonder the same as it has only started to show midnight spikes on my system after it was running for 12 months. Your not alone, see also: Energy spike (duplicated energy at midnight)

Yes it only works correctly when HA is online. If not it will probably spike when HA is online again, given that it is the same day.
If your HA crashes fix/change the host. I have a RPI 4 8gb running all the time.