EnOcean easier device setup

I’m new here and would like to introduce myself first. My name is Jeffrey and I come from Germany. Unfortunately I don’t speak English so I use Google Translate. I have also recently become the proud owner of Home Assistant. However, I am having great difficulty integrating EnOcean. My previous system, Homee, made it very easy to add EnOcean devices. All you had to do was select the relevant device, in my case the Hoppe window handle, and perform a few actions on the device to add it. Since I’m completely blind and rely on speech, it’s extremely tedious to navigate through various configuration files and locate and enter the required device IDs. Would it be possible to add Home Assistant supported devices more easily and simplify the process?
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I would suggest not using device_id’s for automations and scripts and use entity_id’s with service calls instead.

Why and how to avoid device_ids in automations and scripts.

Hello, unfortunately your answer didn’t help me. My question or request is to simplify the setup of Enocean devices. I would also like to apologize because I posted the request twice because I am completely blind and the forum is not particularly easy to use with voice output.

Best regards, Jeffrey