Entire Home Assistant install blown away

I’m pretty stumped here. I hadn’t checked my HA in several days, so I just opened up the app and it brought me to the “get started” page where it wants you to set up your automated home or restore a backup. It’s like it’s a 100% fresh new install with no sign of my actual configuration. I’ve done backups, but those were stored on the USB SSD and not on my local machine so I can’t restore from them. I tried plugging the USB SSD into my computer so I could look for the backups I made on there, but it looks like only the boot partition is visible.

I have no idea what happened, I haven’t make any changes and wasn’t messing around with it at all. Any thoughts on what might have happened or what I might be able to do to salvage my install?

If using window try diskinternals linux reader

This should allow you to copy your backup to your pc then restore it. Once restored install

As for what happened I have no idea but have heard of it happening before.

Or if you don’t want to use Google or would prefer to store your backups locally check out the alternatives under option 5 here: https://www.home-assistant.io/common-tasks/os/#copying-your-backups-to-another-location personally I love SAMBA backup, but you need a network share to copy to.

Thanks. Is this the right location? /mnt/data\supervisor\backup\ There’s nothing in there… I also browsed to my configuration.yaml file using Linux Reader and it’s the default stock file without anything of my customizations… It really looks like the whole drive was wiped with a new installation. I don’t get how this could have happened…

You can read your card in windows using, then just change the settings back or swap the config file from the backup.