Entities cast problem

I am trying to create a dashboard to cast on my nest hub, but i cannot understand how to use the cast type card.

This is the code i created to navigate from the cast dashboard to another dashboard

      - type: entities
            type: cast
            dashboard: /lovelace-tablet
            view: media-tablet
              - type: custom:button-card
                color: auto
                name: Media
                icon: mdi:cast-audio
                    - font-size: 12px
                    - font-weight: bold
                    - color: >
                          if (states['sensor.media_state'].state == 'playing')
                            return "green";
                          return "red";
                  action: navigate
                  navigation_path: /lovelace-tablet/media-tablet

But i get the errror ‘No devices found’

I am sure i am doing something wrong but can someone help me to trace the error?
The docs about the cast card is not helping me…

The “type: cast” is used to start Home Assistant Cast, which pops up a dialog to select a device to cast to. You run this from a PC/tablet to cast to a Nest, not from a Nest device already being cast to. You can see this by opening that dashboard on your PC, where you will get a button to browse devices that can be cast to.

According to the Home Assistant Cast blog…

Navigate between views using navigate actions inside an entities card or using weblinks.

So I would think you’d get rid of the entities card (since you don’t want to display an entity), and just have the button-card doing the navigate (I haven’t tested it though).

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Can you post an example about it so i can understand better?

I am trying to use the cast row in entities in this way:

              - type: entities
                  - type: cast
                    name: Media
                    dashboard: lovelace-tablet
                    view: /media-tablet
                    entity_id: media_player.nest_hub
                    hide_if_unavailable: false

But what i get is this:

Schermata 2023-02-12 alle 12.29.35

I am using nabu casa cloud.

What is wrong?

@maurizio53 if you haven’t solved this yet - have a look in your router, you may need to open a port to get access… I forward port 443 to 8123

Ok, thanks, i’ll try it…