Epever wifi 2.4g rj45 d


I bought the epever wifi 2.4g rj45 d https://www.epever.com/product/epever-wifi-adapter-2-4g-rj45-d/ lately. After a little experimentation I have the device in my wifi network.

Since the cloud solution is bad from my point of view, I thought I’d try an alternative, since the EPever solutions in the past were poorly secured.

So I called the IP in the browser and logged in with the hard to guessed user : admin with the password : admin.

It turns out that you can configure mqtt via the webinterface. Unfortunately, my attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

Can anyone help me or at least give me a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

A username and password for your MQTT server would be a start?

I have used the HA user and password, but since it is in plain text… I do not want to publish it

It’s not the HA user/pass - it’s the MQTT server credentials …

I use the HA MQTT addon without credentials. see

Other mqtt integrations are working flawless.

Do you have any Solution for this Problem?

Any luck with this? I wanted to buy USB cable or WiFi dongle, now can’t decide.