Epever wifi 2.4g rj45 d


I bought the epever wifi 2.4g rj45 d https://www.epever.com/product/epever-wifi-adapter-2-4g-rj45-d/ lately. After a little experimentation I have the device in my wifi network.

Since the cloud solution is bad from my point of view, I thought I’d try an alternative, since the EPever solutions in the past were poorly secured.

So I called the IP in the browser and logged in with the hard to guessed user : admin with the password : admin.

It turns out that you can configure mqtt via the webinterface. Unfortunately, my attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

Can anyone help me or at least give me a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

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A username and password for your MQTT server would be a start?

I have used the HA user and password, but since it is in plain text… I do not want to publish it

It’s not the HA user/pass - it’s the MQTT server credentials …

I use the HA MQTT addon without credentials. see

Other mqtt integrations are working flawless.

Do you have any Solution for this Problem?

Any luck with this? I wanted to buy USB cable or WiFi dongle, now can’t decide.

I have the same problem, did someone find a solution?


I wrote username and password for my MQTT server.
2024-02-13 18:34:54: Client 052208760937QTWG-01139 disconnected, not authorised.

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem.

Has anyone managed to connect the Epever via MQTT?

It looks like the dongle doesn’t care much about some of the parameters filled in the account section.
MQTT Username is “device:xyz”
MQTT Password is “xyz”
MQTT Client ID is “xyz”

where xyz is the dongle 22 characters serial number.

If using mosquitto as MQTT server, you need to patch it to accept username with colon ‘:’ inside by substituting it by ‘-’ for example

--- src/handle_connect.c.orig	2024-04-24 21:08:17 UTC
+++ src/handle_connect.c
@@ -683,6 +683,13 @@ int handle__connect(struct mosquitto *context)
 				goto handle_connect_error;
+		if (username != NULL) {
+			for (int i = 0 ; i < strlen(username) ; i++) {
+				if (username[i] == ':') {
+					username[i] = '-';
+				}
+			}
+		}
 		if(context->protocol == mosq_p_mqtt311 || context->protocol == mosq_p_mqtt31){
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Dongle subscribes to MQTT channel /iot/mt/xyz/d
Unfortunately, I am unable to go any further

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Hi, did you manage to do anything?

Bring up the information in Home Assistant?

yep. now i’ll create topic