Error accessing Logbook in 2021.11.2

After updating to 2021.11.2, I’m getting

Error during logbook entry retrieval

date value is not finite in DateTimeFormat format()

while trying to access the Logbook. That’s on mobile. On desktop, the same thing gives me

Error during logbook entry retrieval
Invalid time value

Config is here, log here.

Logbook entries in entities’ own windows load and show fine. Also History doesn’t work.
Any ideas?

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I’ve noticed the same thing. still present on 2021.11.3. Been using a mariadb container on another box.

I haven’t had that happen before 2021.11.2, ever. And yes, also mariaDB but locally. thanks

Same issue here using recorder locally.

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I tried Using the mariadb image with a fresh dB and installed a postgres image and started a fresh dB. Same error both times.

Downgraded to 2021.11.1 and now working again.

Same error on default (sqlite) database on 2021.11.2 and also on 2021.11.3 version.

Ok so it stands to reason it’s not my dB corruption.

Rolled back to 2021.11.1 and logbook is now working correctly.

Exactly the same for me here. Rolling back from 11.3 to 11.1 makes no difference.

Was using an external MySQL db. Setting to use inbuilt logbook on either 11.1 or 11.3 renders the same result of

Error during logbook entry retrieval

Invalid time value

I’ve just deleted cache in browser on desktop, and uninstalled HA app on mobile and now can access on both. So looks like it’s something to do with cached data. Hope it helps anyone else stumbling upon this.

It resolved itself on my own. It was probably a single line of malformed data somewhere and it got purged.

Aaand it’s back. I tried to zap the entire history by uninstalling and reinstalling the MariaDB addon but that didn’t fix the issue. Looks like my database is NOT the issue here.

Same here. Fine on non mobile browsers but error is popping on all mobile device browsers and iOS app

And rather randomly.

Yeah, when I upgraded to 2021.11.5 it worked for a few minutes after the reboot but went back to throwing the error. I couldn’t see anything in the logs indicating a problem with the recorder function.

Should also add that selecting individual entities to display works fine…it’s just when you try to show all log book entries the error is thrown.

I have problems with mobile App and PC browsers.
On PC browser the errore message is
Error during logbook entry retrieval
date value is not finite in DateTimeFormat.format()
On mobile App
Invalid time value
Occurs on 2021.11.4 and 2021.11.5.
I opened the loogbook with Chrome (I don’t use this browser commonly) and the logbook was displayed correctly, but after a while a riceved the message to reload the fronted. After that I got the issue above.
So the problem is not the DB, is something with the Lovelace frontend when rendering the output.

I guess that the issue arises only with specific entries, so when you select randomly entries you get, most of the times, entries with correct time format.
I verified the same behavior.

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